YSL Boho Stone Spring 2016 – The Opalescents La Laque Couture Nail Polishes



I love high end polish releases, as soon as I see them hit counters, I like to check them out in person. Last time I ventured into the beauty hall, I made a bee-line for YSL’s Beauty stand, as I wanted to check out the YSL Boho Stone Spring 2016 La Laque Couture Opalescents !

I had seen press releases of this collection in November, but I had to wait until New Year to physically see these polish beauties to really check them out. In fact, I have held off talking about these duo of polishes for far to long, mainly to wait until they were widely available.


YSL Boho Stone Spring 2016 La Laque Couture Opalescents


The Boho Stone Spring 2016 Makeup collection includes 2 Limited Edition Collectors Face and Eye Palettes, Fusion Ink Blush, Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils in 2 shades, they are all gorgeous makeup bits, such pretty packaging and product!

But for me the main event of this collection was their La Laque Couture The Opalescents!


YSL Boho Stone Spring 2016 La Laque Couture Opalescents


The YSL Beauté La Laque Couture – The Opalescents nail polishes come in two shades, Love Pink and Peace Green.
As soon as I saw these I thought wow! Such a perfect look for Spring, with pastel pink and mint green, perfect on-trend shades for the coming season!


Love Pink is such a beautiful pastel pink with iridescent green shimmer shot through it. It is very sheer so needs to be built up for a true shade, but layered over a black colour, Wow! It looks really pretty sheer, just a layer over the natural nail for a hit of pink. It adds a lovely hint of milky pastel sheen even on a natural nail, just beautiful!


YSL Boho Stone Spring 2016 La Laque Couture Opalescents



Peace Green, the colour I was most drawn to, is a pretty milky mint green shot through with an opal pink shimmer. I love a good minty green shade and this shade really called out to me! It’s a soft mint green and is so subtle and with the pink shimmer really adds something to the look.


YSL Boho Stone Spring 2016 La Laque Couture Opalescents


I have an opal ring and I can see why they describe them as Opalescents, when light hits the stone the colour shifts and this is exactly how this polish works with the shimmers running through them. Both of these have noticeable shimmers running though them, so please beware if you are not a fan of shimmer.


Two coats gives medium coverage, but these polishes have a sheer, almost transparent quality. To get true bottle shade, three coats are needed to build up the shade. In terms of longevity, YSL polishes do last reasonably well, I find I get at least 4-5 days before noticeable tip wear and any chipping. Another plus point is the brush and polish formula are excellent. I feel there is a slight difference with these polishes in comparison to mid range polish formulas. The pigment in the polish is there and I find the polishes nearly always apply a dream!




I think if I had to pick one, I would choose the Peace Green shade, just as it is such a cool shade. This shade I can see working on a range of skintones too. I also haven’t seen a shade like this before, although I have read Rescue Beauty Lounge had similar shades (although they are not available anymore).

If I find a cheaper dupe, I will update this post! However I can see myself wearing the Love Pink shade too, as it really suits my pink undertone and cooler complexion. I really like both shades so I will probably end up wearing both!


YSL Boho Stones Spring Collection is £19.00 and is available now in good department stores. Please check YSL’s website to either locate your nearest stockist or shop the collection online.






Have you tried the YSL Boho Stone Spring 2016 Opalescent Nail Polishes? Do you have any dupes for them?

Let me know in Comments below. I would love to know what you think.