Where To Pick Up Polishes – Online Edition



The internet has the marvellous result of bringing all the things which seem out of reach, closer to hand. The dawn of online shopping has forever changed how we pick up anything we might need, polish included! Any nail brands that were out of my reach in the past, are now firmly in my grasp, just a few clicks away.

I really do appreciate that all the brands I wanted are now so very accessible. Even if it’s dangerous for my purse, self restraint needed more so than ever! It’s way to easy to go click click click and I’ve picked up all the recent polish collections – any excuse really!

In the past I tended to do most of my my polish hauling in-store, in fact I still love to pick up polishes in person. But in more recent times I am finding myself more and more often going online to pick up new polish collections and launches, usually because they haven’t hit stores yet or will only be available online.

As I am blogging more and keeping up to date whats going on in the world of nails and polish, I tend to regularly check my favourite online polish shopping haunts fairly frequently for new goodies. I was only scrolling down my favourite bookmarked polish e-tailers the other day and thought why not share my favourite places to shop online on the blog.

These sites I get my nail polishes, nail care products, nail accessories and supplies along with new polish launches and collections.

I hope this helps you pick up polish you need/want or opened your eyes to whats around the internet (polish shopping wise) for next time you are in the mood to feel spendy!





Nail Polish Direct is one of my favourite sites to pick up all the major salon brands and collections. I use this site heavily, with good discounts on polishes I tend to bulk buy polish collections for convenience.

For nail supplies try Edge Nails, an excellent place for all your nail essentials and nail art goodies.

For new launches, I like Ella Gray and HQ Hair, they tend to get collections in before most larger retailers in smaller quantities. Excellent for picking up nail products and polishes early!

I use QVC’s website to order polish from time to time, usually exclusive collections and specific nail launches which you can pick up to test and try out. If I am not keen on shades or formula, I can them return them for a refund within 28 days. The only loss in this equation is the postage, which to try a polish collection isn’t that bad for the fact you can actually use the polishes within the month before you send back. I also find watching the various nail brand shows on their channel useful, with live polish swatches and application techniques, it gives me confidence in what I am ordering.

Amazon is a great all rounder for all things nails, I use this site constantly for quite a lot of polish brands and general nail products. I also tend to order other unrelated items, to get free delivery, waiting till I am over my free delivery amount and then click to order my basket.

Feel UniqueBeauty Bay and Cult Beauty, all these sites have all the things beauty addict crave! I tend to pick up other products I need (want) whilst using these sites too while I am there.

For my higher end polish splurges, I like to check out SelfridgesSpace NK and Harvey Nichols, as they stock most of my favourite more spendy brands.

Generally for all my favourite indie polish brands, Rainbow Connection has the best selection with UK delivery. I also pick up indie polish ranges from various Etsy online shops.

For other general polish bargains, usually from discontinued lines, Fragrance Direct have you covered. I don’t tend to use this site as often, but the prices are so low you can end up with a good polish haul at a snip!

For hard to find, lemming and discontinued polishes, eBay is where you need to go! I try not to use my eBay app often these days, just because I have had a few too many bidding wars in my time and paid more than I would like for things. But on the whole I still appreciate eBay’s home in my online shopping habits.




My general online polish shopping advice


When ordering online, try where possible to get your parcels tracked, especially from further afield. I find it sets your mind at rest where they are, or worst case scenario you don’t receive parcels you are covered for a refund or replacement.

If you decide to order polish from Canada or America, be aware of custom charges which may be due if you spend over a certain amount. Bare that in mind with how much you choose to spend, your order may cost you more that you anticipated originally.

As with all online shopping, ensure all your items are genuine not counterfeit and that you are happy with your item before you decide to keep it. eBay can be a devil for this, do not submit feedback until you have your polish in your hand and are content with your purchase!

Buy from reputable companies and sellers, ensure they have secure payment methods in place so your payments are protected and verified, avoiding fraud. I always buy from companies with decent returns policies, so if you are unhappy with purchases you can return them without hassle. Also keep all order notices or email order confirmations/communication just in case you do have issues with online shopping.




Where are your favourite places online to pick up polish? Anywhere that you could recommend to me? Any suggestions please leave down below in the Comments, I would love to find new places!