Topshop Nail Polish Faves



In my polish beginnings I always found myself drawn to Topshop nail polishes. I would nip into my local Topshop for a quick browse and end up with a polish haul in tow.

Before Essie became widely available in the UK & Ireland, Topshop filled my polish void! I would scour their colour coded polish shelves looking for new shades to tickle my fancy. I think it’s the variety of polish shades in their polish line that drew me in. When Topshop’s polish collection launched we didn’t have the same choice we now have in high street pharmacies/drugstores or even online polish shopping.

I would find myself picking up a polish with an outfit, checking Topshop’s makeup stand often to see what new shades I could find. I would enjoy picking up their muted pastels, brights and beautiful glittery top coats, any shades out of norm, to spruce up my manicures and make them stand out from the crowd. Plus when I was back and forth from Dublin seeing my other half, I would make sure I would visit Dublin’s Stephen’s Green Flagship store just for the extra polish variety. When in Rome!




Sorting through my current polish collection, I noted how I had brought the majority of my Topshop Nail Paint polishes over with me when I moved. It goes to show to how much I liked them. My move, now roughly 18 months ago, I had to be really cut throat with all my beauty loves, especially polishes. The weight of nail polishes is crazy in suitcases! A bag of polishes would equal 1 15kg bag!

Looking at my collection I couldn’t help but notice certain shades had become my go-to favourites for certain looks, the absolute staples from my Topshop collection which I thought I would share with you today!




My favourite Topshop cremes




On my nails thumb to pinky:

Nice N Neutral – my favourite your nails but better shade

Air Kisses – a pale sky blue

Rad – a mid toned dusky pastel green

AWOL – my favourite Panam blue

Rose Petal – a rosy red toned pink.


All of these creme shades I get really good wear from! Of all the Topshop polish formula’s, the creme’s are the worst offenders for chipping. I know, not a great place to start a blog post, but using a decent top coat over the top you will easily get 5 days at a minimum. Obviously being careful to cap that free edge, keeping pesky chips at bay!

The pastel shades I have definately repeat purchased too, as I have worn them that often. They were my favourite polishes to pick up from Topshop, they offered those shades before they became a thing in the last few years.

The creme polish I get asked the most about is AWOL –  such a gorgeous vibrant bright blue. As far as I’m aware it isn’t available anymore, which is a shame! I wish they would bring it back, I am currently savouring it till I find a dupe.


Topshop polishes left to right: Rose Petal, Rad, Nice N Neutral, Air Kisses and AWOL



My favourite Topshop metallic/foil/duochrome shades




On my nails thumb to pinky:

Lead – a gunmetal toned oil on water metallic

Aurora – green to gold duo-chrome

Missile – a frosty metallic royal blue

Plume – a tanzanite duo-chrome

Suffuse – a rose gold foil.


I love metallic shades, especially these ones! When I can’t decide what to wear with an outfit I usually pop one of these on, especially Lead, Aurora and Suffuse. They go with pretty much anything!

Of these shades the one I get asked the most about is Plume, it’s by far my favourite Topshop duo-chrome with it’s tanzanite tone, which looks blue in certain lights and vivid purple in others. So pretty!

These metallic/foil/duo-chrome polishes also have reasonable wear time too!


Topshop polishes left to right: Aurora, Lead, Plume, Suffuse and Missile





My favourite Topshop special effect and glitter top coats


These special effect/glitter polishes I applied over my previous shades bar my pinky!

On my nails thumb to pinky:

Lead with Bowl Me Over – a purple and holographic glitter on a clear base over top

Aurora with Magpie – a gold and holographic chunky/microglitter mix in a clear base over top

Missile with Sleepwalker – a blue and holographic fine glitters in a clear base over top

Plume with Dreamlike – a purple, teal and holographic chunky glitters in a clear base over top

Winter Frost – a silver based linear holographic!

Of all my special effect and glitter Topshop polishes, Bowl Me Over & Sleepwalker are probably my most worn. They work well with so many different shades especially with the added holographic glitters, they really sparkle all the colours of the rainbow! For nails with real pizazz, I will just apply these alone, for uber glittery nails.

I must shout out about Winter Frost, a lovely linear holographic which is really subtle in shade but really comes alive and shines in bright sunlight. Perfect for a sunny day!

Topshop Polishes left to right: Bowl Me Over, Winter Frost, Dreamlike, Magpie and Sleepwalker

There was my highlights and favourites from my Topshop Nail Polish Collection! I wish I was able to show you all of the lovely Topshop nail polish shades I own, but it would make for an extremely long post!

I enjoyed going through all my Topshop shades, shopping my stash and pulling out forgotten Topshop shades to wear in future manicures. I say this knowing me next time I’m in Topshop I will probably pick up some new shades to add to the stash!

If you want to pick up some Topshop Nail Polishes, check out their stores for a full selection of available shades (your best bet for picking up some of the shades featured in my post) or alternatively you can shop Topshop Nails online.

What are your favourite Topshop polish shades? What are your favourite Topshop shades from my stash? Any Topshop shades I need to add to my collection?

Let me know what you think and share in the Comments below.