Top 5 on Friday’s – Top Coats



Welcome back to Top 5 on Fridays, my short lists of excellent hand and nail products you need in your life! Today we are continuing the theme of nail basics by discussing my favourite glossy top coats!

If you read my Topping My Hat To Top Coat post you will probably know my appreciation for the stuff.
A game changer for my manicures, applying a coat at the end of your mani routine seals in your chosen colour, plumps up nails and gives much needed durability and wear!

If I ever forgot or rushed doing my nails leaving out that last step of top coat, I would always live to regret it. I hate chipped nails with a passion, which I always get without using a top coat, especially as I am pretty tough on my nails. I always ensure I apply a top coat every time I do my nails, as it gives me reasonable wear time and keep those pesky chips at bay.

A good top coat can give you a week + with a standard formula, depending on how rough you are with your nails. I like to see how my nails are doing half way through the week, if they are looking a tad worse for wear I tend to apply another coat to freshen them up. It makes them like new again! I just love glossy nails!

Top Coats are a basic in any manicure routine, so finding favourites which do the job and give your nails the best finish and longevity should be held in high regard! Lucky for me I have found 5 up to task, well worth a Top 5 on Friday post. Next time you pick up a new top coat, try one of these!






Nails Inc 45 Second Kensington Caviar Top Coat – £15.00

My current go-to top coat for the majority of my manicures, this top coat is my top coat heaven! I love it’s quick dry formula, always touch dry within 45 seconds, with such good gloss and shine I know I can count on it to make my mani’s last and stand out! I also rarely get chipping with this formula, I tend to only get minor tip wear by the end of weeks wear. It’s the one top coat I always have a back up of in my stash so I’m never without.







Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat – £9.00

One of my original additions to my stash, I love this top coat! It dries so quickly so I pretty much always get this one out when I don’t have a lot of time to spare. I do get some shrinkage with this polish, but the quick dry formula for me out weighs the minor shrinkage. Usually a good layer avoids the shrinking, making your mani super glossy. It is also extremely hard wearing and leaves the wearer with super glossy plumped up talons.







Revlon Extra Life No Chip Top Coat – £6.49

I discovered this top coat after running out of my usual topper and was very surprised by this bargain polish. Picking it up on 3 for 2 at Boots, I didn’t expect much but it really did well for the price point.  I got reasonable wear time of over 5 days and it left a really lovely glossy nail. Such a bargain top coat which packs a punch! I have repeat purchased this as it is often on offer making it really good value for a top coat to add into your nail essentials.






OPI RapiDry Top Coat – £13.25

I initially received this in an OPI set and gave it a whirl with my other OPI products. Not only did I get a good week out of my manicure with an initial layer of top coat, I topped it up at day 7 and got another 3 days out of my nails before having to take off and re-do my manicure. It dries really fast, with minimal tip wear and chipping  and leaves a lovely professional supreme finish. When in doubt, pick up a bottle of this!






Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat – £5.99

When I first began dabbling with top coats, I picked up a bottle of this after reading good things about this polish. This top coat works really well at drying quickly (avoiding those darned smudges and bubbles) and leaves lovely glossy nails. It’s also really hard wearing with this formula is good at avoiding chips, looking pristine for longer. A great top coat to pick up, save the pennies and get your nails glossy and dry in no time.



There was my favourite Top 5 Top Coats! My favourite top coats for glossy shiny nails!

If you are wondering why I haven’t included any gel effect or uv cure gel top coats, I am saving those for another Top 5 on Friday post coming soon.





What is your holy grail top coat? Do we share any top coat favourites? Any other standard formulas I need to try? Let me know your thought down below in the Comments.