Top 5 on Friday’s – Nail Tools



Welcome back to Top 5 on Fridays, my short lists of excellent hand and nail products you need in your life! Today we are continuing the theme of nail basics by discussing my favourite handy nail tools.

Whilst doing my mani’s and pedi’s I always turn to my particular nail tools to get the job done. Be it clippers for shortening my nails, nippers to remove any thick cuticles or even removing a full-on gel manicure with a gel manicure removal tool.

I appreciate having an arsenal of these specific nail tools in your stash to get things sorted.
I like using these specific nail tools best as they are designed for exact tasks in mind. You can pick them up and know they are up to the job!

In the past I had picked up more basic/cheap manicure kits in the past, most of them complete fails, tending to not work well and a pain to use. Growing tiresome of nail tools that were not up to standard, I began investing in more quality items here and there, finding them worthwhile tools in my nail maintenance stash.

I feel now I have found some excellent nail tools, real work horses of kit that are up to any task or nail requirements so I thought I would feature them in Today’s Top 5 on Friday.



Boots Essentials Manicure Sticks – £1.00

I know what your thinking, you have probably had one of these in a manicure set you’ve received as a gift at one point or another, but these do actually work and serves a purpose!

Use these to gently peel back your peel off based manicures or in my case – swatches, gently tidy up and push back softened cuticles between manciures and tidy around your nail beds. They are also a cheap item to pick up and keep in your stash!




SensatioNail Gel Polish Removal Tool – £5.00

This item I picked up a few months back and have never looked back. This item is excellent for using after my gel polish manicures, which after soaking the nail beds with acetone, removes all traces of the manicure. I also like to use the same tool with some nail oil to gently push my cuticles back afterwards. A really handy tool to pick up if you are into gel nails/shellac manicures or even if you want to remove your salon gel manicures at home.





Elegant Touch Cuticle Pusher Tool – £9.50

This is my go-to cuticle tool in my manicures. I use this tool and my favourite cuticle removers to get rid of any dried up flaky cuticles around my nail bed and plate to leave my nails absolutely pristine! It makes pushing back cuticles easy with it’s handy rubber grip in the centre, you can really work your way around the cuticle to get every trace, resulting in your nails and cuticles looking flawless.





Elegant Touch Cuticle Nipper – £12.50

This tool exactly what is says on the tin, so to speak! Used correctly, it gently nips away any thickened and dry cuticles and hang nails you may have. I got my manicurist at the time to show me how to use these correctly and now I nip away any cuticles that get on my nerves.

If you do choose to pick up a pair of these, please take care whilst using these!





Tweezerman Nail Clippers Set– £12.00

Using these two pairs of clippers sorts out all my nail length removal needs. I like to use the curved smaller pair for my hand nails and the larger straight pair for my toe nails. I like these clippers as they cut nice neat lines and my nails don’t ping off after clipping.

If you are wondering why no mention of nail scissors in this post, mainly I find my clippers do such a good job I rarely use them.



If you are wondering why there is no mention of nail files or buffers in today’s Top 5 on Friday Nail Tools post, I will be featuring them in other Top 5 on Friday coming soon. Nail Files and Buffers needed a post all of their own!


What are your favourite nail tools? Any of your favourites I must try? Let me know your faves and thoughts down in the Comments below.