Top 5 on Friday’s – Nail Polish Removers



Welcome back to Top 5 on Fridays, my short lists of excellent hand and nail products you need in your life! Today we are continuing the theme of nail basics by discussing my favourite nail polish removal products!

I was just sorting through my stash essentials, and noted I had so many polish remover odds and ends! It’s not a bad thing! A polish addict like myself always needs some remover to change colours. There was certain removers which had obviously become my favourites (otherwise I wouldn’t of had so many dribs and drabs of things I had left over!) All the polish removers I had gotten to grips with inspired me with this perfect topic for a Top 5 on Friday post. All the removers worthy of a place in your stash!

Polish remover is the unsung here of your nail essentials, it doesn’t get the love and respect it deserves. Anyone who gives themselves a diy manicure on a regular basis will appreciate having a decent bottle of remover on hand.

A remover that succeeds in task of polish removal without scrubbing their nails to death or leaves cuticle and skin staining. A formula which doesn’t strip the nails of key moisture or leaves that horrible chalky residue. It really pays to pick up a decent formula of polish remover to avoid all these nail polish sins!

I’m also amazed at how a decent nourishing remover show’s up in your own nail condition. Even before I began blogging, just switching up your polish remover can make big difference in your own nails.

I find now I am blogging about nails I often using more nourishing polish products and remover formulas, preventing damage and nail dehydration whilst swatching and using removal products more often.

I am really trying my best to maintain my nail health as much as possible. My biggest thing is keeping hydration in and avoiding anything which dries them out.

Like any polish formula, nail polish remover is no different. Depending on your particilar nail polish removal task you need a particular removal formula. For more info see my nail polish removal post for what to pick up for certain tasks.

I noted what products I had repeat purchased and obviously worked best for me which I thought I would feature in today’s post, perfect for all your general polish removal needs!




Superdrug Nourishing Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover – £1.39

My go-to polish remover in most of my manicures, this is my favourite polish remover! It has a nice scent, not too pongy and removes most polish formulas with ease! It is also a bargain too, I often pick it up on offer so I always have backup’s in the stash, just in case. It doesn’t dry my nails and cuticles out, keeping moisture in and leaves my nails in good health.





OPI Original Polish Remover – £6.50

I always have this polish remover in my stash as it’s my favourite acetone based polish remover. It removes any stubborn or highly pigmented polish with ease with no trace of polish left for squeaky clean nails. I tend to pick this up in the largest size for best value and decant it into smaller bottles for everyday use.




Nails Inc Express Nail Polish Remover Pot – £8.00

These pots are the best thing for getting polish off in a hurry! I only discovered these in the last 18 months but they have really found a place in my stash. I tend to keep these for travel, avoiding the need for polish removal bits and bobs as it’s an all in one product.

A quick swipe and the built in sponge and polish remover dissolves and wipes clean every bit of polish for your nails. The non acetone formula of this remover is also excellent, with best removal of pigmented shades in any similar product type I’ve tried.



Essie Leave No Trace Glitter Remover – £5.99

Another recent discovery, this is great for removal of all your glitter and texture polishes! I tend to apply a dot on my nail after removing the bulk of glitter polish, leave for around a minute and you can just wipe of any residual glitter particles left on the nail surface. Perfect for finer glitter polishes without the need for soaking your nails with Acetone.




Sally’s Salon Services Acetone – £3.89

My go to for extremely stubborn glitters and gel/shellac polish removal, I always have a bottle of this in my stash. I tend to pick this up for these purposes and use sparingly, as it’s potent stuff. I only tend to get this out as and when, but when I do use it I know it does the job!

I like to use this with cotton pads and plaster tape around all my nails for when I occasionally have gel manicures and it always removes everything with ease! I also have decanted a small bottle for manicure tidy up, giving my manicure a flawless finish.  A cheap and convenient product I will always keep in my stash!





What are your favourite nail polish removers? Any I need to try? Any tips?

Let me know what polish removers you use in your manicures down below in the Comments.