Top 5 on Friday’s – Nail Files & Buffers



Welcome back to Top 5 on Fridays, my short lists of excellent hand and nail products you need in your life! Today we are continuing the theme of nail basics by discussing my favourite nail files and buffers!

Probably my most used tools on my nails, files and buffers have always been in my kit and task of filing and buffing my nails a high priority in my nail routine. I hate feeling my nails with rough edges, I am slightly OCD with them these days. I catch myself feeling my nail edges and then next thing you know I am hunt for a nail file or buffing block!

I tend to file my nails regularly, giving them a good file and shape overhaul at least twice a month (depending on how fast they are growing) and buff them more often when I doing my manicures to keep them smooth and refined. Doing this general maintenance keeps the chips away, stops my nails from flaking and breaking and makes those manicures worth the effort!

The other day I got caught short (I had finishes my last backup nail buffing block!) and caught myself in a proper panic buy situation! With nothing in my stash up to the job, it made me appreciate my usual buffing block that bit more, picking up my beloved block and using it when I got home from the shops. Oh the sense of relief!

I also feel the same with my current nail files in my stash. I am so content with current files of choice, when I have used other things instead (usually when I didn’t have them at hand for whatever reason) I would always live to regret it!

So I thought at Top 5 on Friday had to include my favourite nail files and buffers in their own special post, another unsung hero of your nails essentials! If you haven’t tried any of these you definately should!



OPI Nail Treatment Glass Nail File – £10.95

This glass file is what I am currently using in most of filing and shaping sessions. I tend to use this file in a see-sawing action to quickly remove length from my nails and more carefully to neatly shape my nails. It works well and it’s truly earned it’s place in my stash! I am so glad I found these types of files, they have changed how my nails are forever!




Nails Inc Professional Nail File – £6.00

This file I originally picked up in a Nails Inc set I received as a gift in a mini size. I found myself using it more and more often enjoying the results and when the grit finally wore down I bought myself a full size replacement. I tend to use it for general filing in between manicures just to smooth things out, using the harsher grit first and then the other side. It’s not too bulky either so you can get into all your nail nooks and cranies too, a good all rounder to keep your nails ship shape.





Boots 6 Way File & Buffer – £2.50

This file and buffer I use to touch up my nails on the go, as it’s so lightweight and inexpensive. I tend to work my way up the numbered sides to file and buff my nails and it leaves a reasonable finish. I always like to have one of these in my kit and use it in most of mani’s and pedi’s for my general buffing needs.




Emjoi Micro Nail Electronic Nail Polisher – £39.99

This is a new gadget I picked up recently, it’s the quickest for buffing and polishing my nails! Literally a minute to do you whole 10 nails! It’s really a micropedi for nails! I use this when I am really short for time on my hand nails, and usually everytime I give myself a pedicure. It’s really good at smoothing out surface ridging and leaves a gorgeous shine on my nails. It’s a bit of initial outlay to pick this up, but is competely worth it as a long term investment in my stash.






Leighton Denny Mini Mani Rescue Kit – £15.00

This little kit is one of my favourites for travel, as it’s full of all my nail essentials. I like all tools in this kit for popping into my on the go nail essentials pouch just in case.  The items in this kit are so handy, they are not too big and bulky and don’t compromise on the quality of the tools.

I am so glad I picked this up as has rescued my nails on more that one occasion. Definately pick this up if you are need of some travel sized nail tools!




There was my favourite nail files and buffers! Which files and buffers make it into your top 5? What files and buffers can you not be without? Any I need to try? 

Let me know what you think and share down below in the Comments.