Top 5 on Friday’s – Cuticle Removers



Welcome back to Top 5 on Fridays, my short lists of excellent hand and nail products you need in your life!

Today we are continuing the theme of the nail basics by discussing my favourite cuticle removers.

Ever since I really got into caring for my own nails and really doing a proper manicure at home, using a cuticle remover is that one step that I find essential for a truly flawless result.

The first time I used a cuticle remover I applied it as directed and didn’t expect much, but was amazed at the difference on my nail beds. I couldn’t believe how clean the nail plate was and how much better my nails looked. Even with generally shorter nails, the difference in pushing your cuticles back is quite startling, adding length to nails that had no length to begin with.

I find once you get into using a cuticle removal product, it makes it so much easier to maintain your cuticles. These days I just need a quick tidy round with the cuticle remover and cuticle removal tool, depending on how quickly my nails are growing. I find using something like this twice a month at a minimum, keeps on top of raggedy cuticles and keeps your nails looking their best.

I’ve been really lucky that I’ve tried out quite a few cuticle removers to be able to recommend to you today. These removers tend to last an eternity in your stash, so finishing one or being able to test something new can take a while! But I have a few products which I can highly recommend for all price points, which will leave your cuticles and nail beds looking pristine!




Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover – £8.91 from Amazon

This cuticle remover I tried when I first dipped into nail care. It’s easy to use formula and quick cuticle removal makes this an ideal product for those with minimal cuticles for a swift tidy up of the nail bed. A product I like for it’s price point too, an excellent product for those looking to put together a nail starter kit.




Butter London Melt Away Cuticle Eliminator – £17.00 from Boots

This cuticle remover I tried in a sample size, a good while ago and was pleased with it’s cuticle removing formula. It is easy enough to use, left for 5 minutes it gently helps to exfoliate and soften the cuticles, making pushing them back a breeze! My nail plates were pristine after using this! For me the perfect splurge cuticle remover!





CND Cuticle Away – £11.25 from Amazon

Don’t let the size of this bottle fool you – this cuticle remover packs alot of punch! Just use the tiniest amount on the nail left for just a minute! This soothing, creamy formula with aloe vera gently hydrates and softens the cuticle, removing any dead skin on the nail plate and leaving lovely tidy cuticles! It also comes in a massive bottle, which lasts FOREVER!




Nail Apothecary Cuticle Eliminator by Elegant Touch – £7.95 from Boots

This brand has only been around a year or so, I noticed this range in Boots in the Nail section picking it up whilst I was travelling, desperately needing to do a manicure. I really liked this product and did exactly what I needed it to do! An excellent product, at a reasonable price.




OPI Avoplex Exfoliating Cuticle Treatment – £9.95 from Nail Polish Direct

This product I received in an OPI nail care set (in a sample size) and used it all to the very last drop! An exfoliating cuticle treatment, it removed dried up and rough cuticles whilst at the same time nourished my nails with avocado oil, leaving my nails beds smooth and ready for polish. I like to leave this for 5-10 minutes on my nails and then gently push back with a cuticle pusher.



Remember to check back next Friday, where I will be sharing with you my favourite nail tools, perfect to slot into your own nail care routine!


What are you favourite cuticle removers? Any you think I must try? Let me know down in the Comments below, I would love to know what you think.