Top 5 on Fridays – Base Coats


Top 5 on Friday – Base Coats

Welcome back to Top 5 on Fridays, my short lists of excellent hand and nail products you need in your life! Today we are continuing the theme of nail maintenance by discussing my favourite base coats.

If you read my post about The Base-ics, you will appreciate my relationship with polish and when I began to even consider using base products in my regime.

From all the various colours I used, sometimes I had yellowing and staining on my nails. I also found my manicures lasted a day or two at most, the polish would without fail chip right off!

Desperately in need of something, I began investing in various base products, thank the lord! And my manicures always held up and lasted considerably longer. I noted I not only a longer wear time, but also more chip resistant manicure.

Even with a good quality top coat, your manicure is only as good as your base, this foundation layer in your manicure is key! I find once you have found a good formula base coat, you can go best part of a week possibly even longer, depending on your nail length and how rough you are with your hands.




In my manicure routine, I will always wear some kind of base product, at a minimum to keep water away from the nail plate which helps avoid peeling and flaking nails. I find using a hybrid of these strengthening/ base products is the way to go! My nails are then protected, smoothed out and ready for colour.

I tend to use strengthening base products as weekly treatments in my manicures the majority of the time as maintenance and use base coats in the rest of my manicures.

I have tried various base coats over the last few years, some have made it into the stash on a more permanent basis. These base coats I have repeat purchased and use regularly in my manicure routine. So of course these base coat favourites I am sharing with you today!



CND Stickey Base Coat – £9.95 from Amazon

This is one of my absolute favourites, I tend to buy this in a bulk in the biggest size and it lasts forever! When I use this I know my manicure isn’t going anywhere and almost acts like double sided sticky tape, keeping the base on your nail and the polish on the base!




Essie’s Millionails – £8.99 from Boots

This is one of my favourite hybrid strengthening bases, it really helps protect and even out your nail bed but also has an excellent strengthening quality. Perfect everyday care for your nail canvas!




Sally Hansen’s Diamond Shine Top & Base Coat – £8.69 from Boots

This base and top coat was one of my favourite budget bases. It doubles up in your manicures for base and top coat which is perfect for travel. This product leaves your nail perfectly smooth and shiny ready for colour! This is one of my favourites from Sally Hansen which I regularly use in my manicures.




Revlon Nail Care Quick Dry Base Coat – £6.49 from Boots

This base coat is a perfect manicure starter! Not only does it dry super quick, but it has the ability to really prevent any staining or yellowing of my nails. It leaves a lovely sheen on the nails, perfect for a no fuss low key natural manicure. This product is also an excellent budget option as it often on 3 for 2 at Boots!




Deborah Lippmann All About That Base – £18.00 from Harvey Nichols

This is my favourite high end base! I really like this formula, it’s like spackle or filler for your nails. It smoothes out your nail plate, camoflages any imperfections and leaves a high shine. A perfect base for my manicures! I just wish it was a bit cheaper! For this price of this Deborah Lippmann base coat, I can get a huge bottle of CND Stickey which last me an eternity!



What do you think of my favourite base products? What are you favourite base products? Any Holy Grail items? Any I must try? Let me know in the Comments down below.