Top 5 on Friday – Ridge Filling Base Coats


Welcome back to Top 5 on Fridays, my short lists of excellent hand and nail products you need in your life! Today we are continuing the theme of nail maintenance by discussing my favourite ridge filling base coats.

I think weather wise, we are now over the worst weather, no serious chill factor currently! Although I still notice my hands and nails can get chapped and dry from time to time. That early spring sunshine can be deceptive! I am lucky this last winter season my nails have behaved reasonably well, although I did get a minor bout of ridging.




Poor diet and nail dehydration is generally the root cause of nail ridging. If you find yourself looking down at your nails and are now wondering what to do, think how you can improve these two elements your nails are lacking in. For more information on nail nutrition check my post here, this will get your clued up on your nails health.

Really with my ridges, I only had myself to blame! I had run out of my favourite nail oil, I had been sick, probably eating the wrong foods and generally being an all round rebel! I’m usually so good and religious with all things nails, especially my nail oil in my repetoire.

It’s still handy to use a camouflaging ridge filling nail product when your nails are not looking as good as they should. Even as a neutral base, they are handy to pop into your manicures for a no polish look.




I am obviously back on the straight and narrow these days, remedied my ridges with my favourite ridge filling bases and thought why not share them with you all today!





Essie’s Ridge Filling Base Coat – £12.95 from Nail Polish Direct

This base coat I picked up a few years ago and it has stayed in my collection since. It applies smoothly and dries to a translucent finish. I originally picked this up when my nails were in a dire state, both severe ridging and splitting. I found with extended use as my main base product at that time it really did help prevent my nails getting any worse. A drugstore winner!




Zoya Get Even Ridge Filler – £11.55 from Amazon

This ridge filler I tried after running out of my usual OPI ridge filler. It has a very  thin consistency and applies easily, leaving a milky wash on the nail. It dries super quick, good for using as a base product under colour and covers up any imperfections nicely. I used this after fixing a broken nail and it covered my nail break well. I may pick up another bottle of this when I run out of usual ridge filler, just for its camouflaging properties!





OPI’s Ridge Filling Base Coat – £6.75 from Fragrance Direct

This is my current ridge filling formula of choice. I picked this up in an OPI set a while back and popped it on when my nails were failing me whilst using a very sheer pink formula (my nails ridges were very apparent through the polish.) It’s silky pale coloured formula glides on the nail and sheers out to a natural nail shade. I like using this as an almost CC polish for my nails for a no nail polish look.





Deborah Lippmann Ridge Filling Base Coat – only £5 currently at Liberty of London – I know right- bargain!

This formula was on my lust list for a good while after hearing good things from various polish bloggers I follow and I managed to acquire a mini bottle to sample it. I found it wore well alone and underneath colour shades, leaving my nails super smooth and ridge free – just what the doctor ordered!

I finished the mini bottle and craved another bottle but I tend to find it sells out most places once it comes back into stock. Clearly an in demand ridge filler! I plan to pick up at bottle from Liberty’s of London after finding the link I used for this post. At that price it’s a steal!





Orly Ridge Filler – £10.90 from Nail

The last and final ridge filler is Orly’s offering. One of my favourites for smoothing out the nail plate, 2 coats of this is perfect for the most severe of ridges. It’s also quite a thin consistency and needs to applied quickly to avoid pooling around the cuticles, but once dry leaves a lovely smooth finish. I like to use this one underneath brighter shades as it really helps to make them opaque and prevents your visible nail line showing through.




There was my round up of all things in the ridge filling realm floating my boat. Do you have any  other potent ridge fillers to add into the mix? Formulas you could recommend?

Let me know in the Comments down below, especially cheaper options! I am always open to new polish finds/steals.