Top 5 on Friday – Nail Strengthening Treatments



Welcome back to Top 5 on Fridays, my short lists of excellent hand and nail products you need in your life! Today we are continuing the theme of maintaining our nails by discussing my favourite nail strengthening treatments.

With my own nails, I notice immediately the difference using a standard basecoat and strengthening nail formula. I try my best to have something on my nails, at all times! Even if I had no colour on my nails, even for my most basic of manicures, I will always wear a strengthening base product.

I find using these strengthening products under the majority of my manicures always leaves my nails in a much better condition and prevents staining, damage and keeps my nails in general good health.

I have noticed that over time it is best not to over use these products, as the majority of these strengthening products do contain formaldehyde. I tend to use them a couple of times a week at most when my nails are in bad shape. I then go on to use them weekly as maintenance, when my nails are in a much better condition.

I have tried alot of strengtheners over the years, some I still have in the stash and the rest I have either been given away or used up. But since I really got into nails over the last couple of years, I have defintely found my favourites. These strengthening formulas are the ones I return to time and time again and thought I would share with you today!



Nails Inc Nailkale Superfood Base Coat – £15.00 from Boots

This strengthener is my current favourite strengthening product. I tend to use this as my base underneath all my manicure shades. When I first began using this I applied it 3 times a week on bare nails when my nails, to protect my nails. I won’t harp on about this one, I will direct you to my review here.




OPI Nail Envy Original – £13.25 from Amazon

This strengthening product is the one I come back to time and time again. I have probably had the best results with this and I tend to always have this in my stash to fall back on. I enjoy using OPI’s Nail Envy products, either the Matte Envy, or Colour Nail Envy’s. I will often use the original when I run out of my other formulas or when my nail are really short and I need to get them to grow ASAP.





Sally Hansen Nail Rehab – £9.95 from Boots

This is only a recent discovery which I picked up while travelling, as for some reason I had no polish products with me (this sounds crazy I know!!) I had read good reviews about this product and decided to pick this up and applied onto bare nails. I found it worked well and after 2 weeks left my nails feeling much better, with results almost as good as some of my higher end nail strengtheners. I felt I noticed the difference within the first few days and my found this is an excellent product for budget nails.





Nailtiques Formula 2 Nail Protein – £16.95 from Beauty Bay

This product was recommended to me by a friend and was one of the first strengtheners I ever picked up. It is aimed at soft, peeling, thin and weak nails (which was how bad my nails were to begin with as a nail polish noob!) I used this as directed and it really did an excellent job at sorting my nails out. Nailtiques really do have an excellent range for more prescriptive nail strengtheners! If you feel you have a particular nail concerns, this brand is an excellent starting off point.




Mavala Scientifique Nail Hardener – £8.75 from Amazon

This nail hardener I gave a go after reading several excellent reviews around the blogosphere and picked up and as my nails were in need of a little hardening. This nail hardener is excellent at firming up the nails, especially if they are a bit on the softer side which I had experienced after having some gel manicures. I feel with some hardeners they harden the nails so much they leave them on the more brittle side. This hardener did the opposite, it did an excellent job at balancing the nail scales, it left my nails strong, supple and with flexibility.


If you want to find out more information about strengtheners and how they work, check out my The Truth About Nail Strengtheners Post. This discusses a range of topics surrounding strengtheners, what to look for in these strengtheners and the de-bunks myths surrounding these products.



What are your favourite strengthening products? Any I need to try? Do we share any favourites strengtheners? Any tips with certain strengthening formulas? Let me know in the Comments down below.