Top 5 on Friday – Cuticle Balms/Butters


Welcome back to Top 5 on Fridays, my short lists of excellent hand and nail products you need in your life! Today we are continuing the theme of hydration with the final product in your moisturising hand and nail regime – cuticle balm/butter.

My holy trinity of nail care is cuticle oil, hand cream and butter. These 3 are absolute must haves for nice hands and nails. If you are really struggling with your own nails, hydration is key to nail growth and these products are what you need to pick up and start using asap!

The trick is to layer them up and apply them in the order of heaviest to lightest texture e.g. nail oil, cuticle butter then hand cream. And like with all the products you invest in, use daily! Once in a blue moon isn’t going to cut it!




I would recommend using this ‘holy trinity’ of hydrating products (cuticle oil, hand cream and butter) at least 3 times a day at a mimimim, layering each of the 3 products for noticeable difference in condition.

For the other products I recommend in my Top 5 on Friday posts for Hand and Nail hydration, click on Nail Oil’s and Hand Creams for more information.

If you are really suffering with bad nails and cuticles, these balms and butters really seal in the moisture and help prevent the deterioration of nails e.g. Ridging, flaking, hang nails, dry nails and cuticles etc.

Like with all your hydration products, have them at hand, take them with you on the go and top up during the day!

If you are terrible at remembering to apply your hand products, try and fit them into your schedule at specific times of the day or in your routines. I found this was the only way I would remember in the beginning, but now I am like clockwork!


Anyway here is my Top 5 on Friday – Cuticle Balms & Butters! My favourite cuticle balm picks. These products are perfect to pop on as often as you can and keep your cuticles and nails nourished and healthy.




Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter – £6.95 from Lush

I really enjoy using this cuticle butter. It’s Lemon scent is delish and a pot lasts ages. It has a thick consistancy but it does melt into the nails and cuticles and seals in the moisture in the nail area well. I find to go through one of these takes a good 6 months or more.  So when I run out, I usually tend to pick this up again. It’s my absolute favourite cuticle butter and melts into the skin and softens the hands and cuticles. An absolute treat for your nails.





Burt’s Bee’s Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream – £6.00 from Boots

This is similar to the Lush product but has a bit more slip so is nice to massage the cuticles with. I love the convenience of the tin, a good product to have in your bag for on the go. I love a lemon cuticle product so I was a fan of the scent and found myself picking it up as it is such a multi tasker. I find this product is excellent for pushing back thick cuticles, using a dab of this is kinder to the nails than using a regular cuticle remover. I also use this as lip balm, it is that multi functional! One of my faves and easy to pick up when you run out.





Dior Crème Abricot Fortifying Cream for Nails – £20.50 from Boots

This cream is absolutely beautiful. I love Apricot as much as I love Lemon and this products smells edible! It is a lovely nourishing formula cream and I bought this when my hands and nails were at their worst. It sinks into your hands and nails and penetrates the skin leaving the delicate scent behind. I like to team this with Essie’s Apricot Nail Oil, to really boost the scent and nourishment level. Although it’s a more pricey cuticle cream, if money was no object I would use this daily, but for now it will be a treat for my nails from time to time.





Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream – £4.01 from Amazon

This cuticle cream is probably the most dinky cream pot, so for people who travel often or like to travel light, this works well. Even for us ladies with the tiniest of handbags! The only problem with the size is I have lost a fair few of these dropping out of pockets etc. I find keeping them contained in an on the go pouch is the best way round this!  The cream however is great, not too greasy and soaks in nicely and also has that beautiful Apricot scent. The price too is also good. When I had lost this, it was never so expensive that I couldn’t pick it up again!




Leighton Denny Cuti-Lips Cuticle & Lip Balm – £6.75 from Look Fantastic

This, like the Burt’s Bee’s product, is a great multi tasker and comes in quite a large pot. For me my favourite thing about the product is the scent, a lovely combo of Mint and Sweet Almond. It smells gorgeous! When I have a larger bag on the go, I like to take this product as it is excellent for when the wearher is dry cold, in the depths of Winter. This product stops my lips chapping and of course nourishes the nails a treat! One of my faves that I have had a long time!


There was my favourite cuticle balms and butter! I love them all and aslong as they keep working for me, they will stay in my stash! I may extend my search for the perfect cuticle balm/butter once I have used one up, but for now these will do me just nicely!


What are your favourite cuticle balms and butters? Any I must try? Let me know in the Comments below.