Top 15 Nail Colour Polishes of 2015


As promised, here I have my Top 15 Colour Polishes of 2015, to finish off my favourites from this year. A quick run down of the many colour favourites I loved the last 365 days.

This was tricky process to narrow down all the shades!  So I looked back at all my manicures and shades I wore frequently, I was able to really pin down the colours I adored this last year.

I could have easily made a top 30 polishes favourites, probably 50 even, but it would make for a very long post!

However if you look at my list and think how could she miss out this shade and that shade etc that is why. I had to really pick and choose, whilst writing this post I realised I loved so many wonderful shades this last year.

FYI: If some of the polish shades featured in this post haven’t appeared on my blog prior to this post, it is because I favoured them before I began blogging.


My Top 15 Nail Polish Colours of 2015


Chanel – Vibrato

Wow, this is an amazing shade! The blue is so vibrant, it is hands down my favourite bright blue. I own similar blue shades but this one is by far the most vivid and beautiful on the nail.


Chanel – Troublante

This shade was a most anticipated shade release and when I got my mitts on this polish it was love at first sight. One of my favourite duochrome polishes this year. For a similar dupe, try Cabin Fever by China Glaze to get the look for less.



Chanel – Tenderly

This shade is a beautiful mix between grey, lilac and mauve. A perfect neutral for everyday wear which looks sophisticated and chic. A classic shade from Chanel! My favourite lighter shade this year.



Ciate Olivia Palermo – New England Fall

This polish is my favourite navy shade, with excellent wear time and supreme gloss, this is an excellent darker neutral shade. I hope Olivia get’s back to work with Ciate for more fashion staple polish shades. I love her polish collabs!



Deborah Lippmann – Can’t be Tamed

This shade stood out to me as soon as I clapped eyes on Deborah Lippmann’s ROAR collection. It’s deep honey colour with added holographic micro glitters makes for a beautiful manicure. This one really makes you stare at your nails!


Essie – Suite Retreat

This shade kickstarted the amazing year Essie has had in my own collection. This polish was my favourite from the Resort collection and I love this beautiful shade of purple! This shade I have dabbled in all the way through the year. It’s a beaut!



Essie – Flowerista

This shade of foxglove pink is just gorgeous and I wore this religiously through most of the Spring and well into the Summer. A shade of pink that just pops on the nails and has an excellent formula!


Essie – Colour Binge

Like alot of Essie shades this year, their cream colour formulas really spoke to me and this orange toned red is no exception. It is bold and glossy and my favourite orange red in my collection. In the Autumn I colour binged on this polish, quite literally!


Essie – Leggy Legend

This was one of two of my favourite gold toned duochromes this year. Leggy Legend, the warmer of the two is a sublime gold which really polishes up the nails and goes with anything. I wore this late Summer through to Christmas and I can see this polish being savoured as it is such an exquisite gold.



Mavala – Black Oyster

Black Oyster is my favourite black polish discovery this year. With it’s added silver shimmer running through it, it isn’t to stark on the hand and looks sophisticated either on its own or with a glitter topper. Love this shade!



Nars Steven Klein Collection – Black Fire

Only a recent discovery towards the end of the year, Black Fire is another polish which rapidly found its way to my heart. A slate blue toned blue polish with added shimmer, it really looks beautiful in my manicures! It also looks really good with a matte top coat either over top or even artfully painted on in a pattern. Try this look!


Nail Inc Nailkale – Victoria and Albert

This polish is my most versatile and frequently worn red, a classic shade which I wear religiously all the way through the year. I love the formula too which lasts around a month on toes and at least a good week on my hand nails. It also screams Louboutin red too, at less than half the price if you are interested in a dupe!


SoSu by Suzanne Jackson – Bare My Soul

After searching high and low for the perfect dark toned teal green metallic, I finally found it in SoSu’s Nail Polish in Bare My Soul.  It’s such a pretty green shade which isn’t too brush strokey in application, has good coverage and is a fairly durable metallic. Perfect for Autumn and Winter months, I have pulled this out quite a bit in recent times.


SoSu by Suzanne Jackson – Midnight Wish

If you have been visiting my blog for a while you may already know how much I love metallic blue shades. So really it is no surprise Midnight Wish made the cut this year for this post. A beautiful mid blue metallic which isn’t too cool or warm and suits most skintones. The shade itself fills a hole in my collection and is my most worn metallic blue this year.


Topshop – Aurora

Topshop’s Aurora was a polish I picked up and immediately had to have it. Such a lovely green to gold duochrome, it reminds me of Zoya’s Aggie from their Flair collection but half the price. It’s a gold shade which is something of a colour chameleon when sunlight or artificial light bounces off it. A unique shade!



What were your favourite shades in 2015? Do we share any favourites? If you had to pick your favourite of 2015 which one would it be?

Let me know down below in the Comments.