The Nail Buff Polish Stash Essentials – The Extra’s


Recently here at The Nail Buff we have managed our Polish Stash Essentials, it’s that time to delve into the next stage of options – The extra’s.

These are products which are ultimately useful items and do find a home in your stash once they have earned their place. These products are more for occasional use, depending on your routine and how avid a polish user you are, hence the reason for this post. I am keeping the products mentioned to a small selection of useful products to enhance your manicures, maintain your stash and improve your overall polish experience.


The Polish Protector/ Saviour – Nail Thinner

This item was a hero product for me this year. I had left my large bottle of thinner back in England and managed to pick up a bottle of Mavala Polish Thinner after I encountered some polishes which had thickened with neglect. This product thinned my polishes back to their original consistency and it didn’t affect the wear time or polish formulas.

For anyone with more than 30 polishes or more in their collection, I would definitely suggest picking up a bottle to have on standby. Perfect for your favourite polishes you would love to bring back to life too! For more info on how to revive your polishes, see my How to Make Your Polish Last Longer post.

The Nail Buff Polish Stash Essentials – The Extra’s


The Quick Change Around – Peel Off Base Coat

If you have been around these parts within the last month, you will have read my latest discovery of Peel Off Base Coats. What a revelation! I wish I had found it sooner. For a one night stand with your favourite glitter, this base is ideal. I tried out a couple of peel off base coats (see my post here) and found little difference between the more expensive ones and budget base coats.

If you don’t want to invest too much in this product, try the Essence Nail Art Peel Off Basecoat, definitely worth a go next time you need a polish off in a hurry.


The Nail Buff Polish Stash Essentials – The Extra’s


The Polish to Re-invent your Stash – Matte Top Coat

I must admit I was skeptical trying a matte top coat, but I love that one layer of polish can change the look of any polish you own. A matte topper can toughen up any darker shades, soften any lighter ones and gives an interesting effect to any textured polishes or glitters you may own.

For simple nail art, apply the matte coat above a colour shade in a intricate design on the nail, this definitely draws attention to your manicure. This is something even with my limited skill set I have managed to achieve. I like the Sally Hansen’s the Big Matte Top Coat, a cheap and cheerful matt polish to jazz up my manicures at a snip.


The Nail Buff Polish Stash Essentials – The Extra’s


The Spackle of the Nail World – Ridge Filling Base Coat

I am lucky I tend not to have much trouble with my nails, but after suffering with bad colds and flu, I ended up seriously dehydrated. I found once I got myself back to normal, long story short, my nails consequently suffered with ridging. I prescribed myself a ridge filling base coat which filled the gaps in the meantime.

Like putting plaster on a wall, a ridge filler smooths over any imperfections and leaves a perfect canvas for whatever you want to do with your nails. Now Winter is in full swing, now is a better time than any to invest in one for when dehydration strikes – try Essie’s Fill the Gap, it works a treat!

The Nail Buff Polish Stash Essentials – The Extra’s



The Product for When Time Isn’t On Your Side – Drying Drops/ Polish Drying Spray

These drying products do help when trying to get out the door and you have quickly done a manicure hastily. See my post here for more information about speeding up drying time. I try at all costs to avoid this if I can!

If I have rushed a mani, applying a drop or two on each nail or spritzing each clawed hands, acts as a safety measure to avoid smudging or dinting of nails. I like the Sally Hansen Comple Salon Manicure Quick Drying Drops and the Elegant Touch Rapid Dry Spray, which aren’t too expensive to add to your stash.


The Nail Buff Polish Stash Essentials – The Extra’s

The Nail Buff Polish Stash Essentials – The Extra’s


The Remover of all Removers – Acetone

If you find yourself with gel nails, built up glitters or stubborn polish which you want to remove, Acetone is your friend. It has a bad name Acetone, but it serves it’s purpose at being the best remover of any polish product on your nails. Used sparingly for these specific tasks, it makes light of the most annoying removals and saves a lot of time and hassle.

Buying a large bottle of Pure Acetone from Sally’s lasts an eternity, as long as you keep it sealed tightly. Acetone is also handy for polish tidy up and negative space manicures if you are a dab hand with a brush.

The Nail Buff Polish Stash Essentials – The Extra’s


For Polish Picasso’s – Nail Art Brushes

For anyone who likes to dabble in a little nail art, even just basic simple designs, a set of Nail art brushes can just add that bit of flair to the dullest of manicures. Using a dotting tool or a precision brush can just add a bit of pizazz, even if you aren’t planning on creating a nail art masterpiece, giving a unique touch to your nails.

I picked up a set on sale at Topshop but you can buy a basic set online rather cheaply with free delivery from Amazon.
Even if you only use them for special occasions, I always feel relieved to know I have a set incase I get the urge to be creative.


The Nail Buff Polish Stash Essentials – The Extra’s


Polish Perfectionists Prime Time – Nail Polish Primer

For anyone after polish perfection or for us girls with oily nail beds, Nail Polish Primer is for you! This priming step is similar to going over your nailbeds with polish remover before you begin your manicure. This step in your routine removes moisture from the nail plate, so polish properly adheres to the nail. Ideal for a longer lasting manicure!

I have used a similar product to this when I have done at home gel manicures and can testify this product works well in any manicure routine, giving excellent results. Various higher end brands have also been producing polish primers for the last few years, but are now widely available for half the price. I like No7’s Cleanse and Prime nail polish primer for getting your nail’s ready for that perfect long lasting manicure.


The Nail Buff Polish Stash Essentials – The Extra’s



What are your extra items in your stash you wouldn’t be without? Is there any key items I am missing from this selection? Let me know down below in the Comments.