After writing my Autumn Winter Shopping/wishlist a few weeks back, there have been a good handful of polish collections released. I felt I was little bit hasty with my blog post upload, I should have maybe waited. After scouring both online and instore, I had to share these new polish releases with you. If you are in need of some nail polish inspiration, either while you are browsing online and going shopping or even shopping your own stash pondering what to apply, this post is for you!

I try my best not to be suckered into releases and new promotions of products unless they are a new brand or an entirely different product type, yet I am still a bit giddy behind the old computer while I type this.



The first polish release I knew I would have to pick up, was something I predicted would be happening in the pipeline after the success of the first.


The Ciate Olivia Palermo New England polish collection with the shades, New England Fall – a deep almost navy indigo and Napa Valley – a deep pink toned wine shade, look stunning!

These shades are very me, I will check my collection for dupes, but I am pretty sure I will be picking these up regardless.

imageThey are £17 each, but the formula is great and they are bold pigment rich shades, no compromise there.

If the price is a bit steep, I am pretty sure similar shades are already out there from the drugstore. If I find any, I will let you know.

The other three polishes from Olivia Palermo’s range are great, the only thing I would say is it is a shame you cannot buy them in a set together.

Either the two new shades or the three originals. Something maybe Ciate should work on? Perfect for gifting.



Another polish collection which looks perfect for winter and the party season ahead, is Leighton Denny’s Goddess collection. There are 6 shades which all look very pretty. A collection of chrome, duochrome, metallic, shimmer and glitter shades.

I have seen these online, and briefly on QVC (however but they didn’t show the entire collection).
Aphrodite’s Love – An olive cream with a metallic duo-chrome finish, Athena Divine – A deep, midnight blue with metallic shimmer, Radiant Rhea – A deep red cream with metallic finish along with Tell Me Aurora – A clear base with gold & holographic glitter are the main shades I am liking the look of.

I may have to order these on spec from Leighton Denny’s website and hope for the best, but usually his polishes do not disappoint.


imageA brand, new to the UK market, which I have seen all over the web in various blogs, is the Smith and Cult polish range.

I have seen these for maybe the past year online and they have recently been stocked by Space NK and Selfridges.

Hopefully that means we will have these in Space NK in Ireland too along with Brown Thomas, I hope and pray! The shades are dusky toned brights and have lush large stylish bottles, they look very fancy I must say!

At £19 they are definitely a considered purchase (especially when converted to euro, I dread to think) but they are a premium polish and a larger size. Weigh up the pro’s and con’s and see if this is for you. I have read good things about these, so hopefully it will be worth the price tag.



Last time I was in Boots, I came across a large section of polishes from the brand Londontown and their Lakur range, which has been making waves in the states.

Lots of variety of shade types within their 5 free formula which is vegan and cruelty free. If you get chance, check out their range! They have an large selection at larger Boots in Dublin city centre stores, if you get chance to check out the shades.

The only downside is they only seem to be stocked in larger Boots stores and do not seem to have a section on the Boots website anymore – bit bizarre and a shame.

It is a pricer polish but seems to be a quality formula and product, looking at the ingredients and polish properties. I will definitely pick one up next time I am in the mother ship aka Boots.


There was my quick round up for polish releases from the last month. Hopefully nothing too exciting comes out before I post this. If it does, you can count on me to let you know! I have releases that are definately worth mentioning, more to come on that in the coming days!

Any polish releases take your fancy?

Let me know in the comments.