I think for most of us out there, the weekend is spent running errands, catching up with TV, keeping on top of housework and cleaning and all that jazz. Once Sunday morning is upon us, cooking a roast dinner is the first thing on my list as a Sunday isn’t a Sunday without a roast! It has to be done! And then once I have ticked everything off my to-do list, I can Chill out and RELAX!

But really there is nothing I enjoy more than sitting down with a good film on, spending some quality time sorting out my hardworking hands and nails.

Usually by the time I look down at the them after the week, they are usually ready for an overhaul. Not usually chipped I might add, but definitely could look better!
I tend to do manicures bi-weekly, so usually a Sunday and then the Wednesday or Thursday during the week, depending on the formula I use and how hard my hands have been working.
I have my manicure routine down to a tee, I whittle my way through the various stages of preparation before colour. I have a post coming up about my Manicure Routine so stay tuned for that guys.

Colour selection  however is where I tend to stumble, unless I have an exact colour or shade in mind. So many great colours, and only one pair of hands/toes. I usually end up asking the boyfriend which one, he usually replies something along the lines of, “Whatever I tell you, you will go with a different one!” The joys of living with boyfriends, great stuff! I tend to shop on a Saturday, so if I have picked up any new polishes, Sunday tends to be the day I pop them on and give them a try. Another reason I struggle choosing polish! I think its actually worse than deciding what to watch on Netflix, the struggle is real!
If my nails however, are looking more than a little worse for wear, Sunday’s tend to be the day I give myself the full mot i.e. proper shaping, filing, maintenance and cuticle work. I tend to do that roughly twice a month and with a movie on in the background doesn’t seem half as much of an ordeal.
If my nails are not looking too bad, I tend to file and buff them gently just to smooth the edges. If the colour is looking reasonably ok, I revive them with either a clear top coat or a pretty sparkly topcoat to zhush them up a bit. It really depends on how lazy I am at that moment in time.
Another thing I also tend to do is slot in a quick pedicure, or if i am short for time, a toe nail polish change whilst in the midst of pampering. I tend to pop polish on toes first and work my way up to hands and then adding additional coats of polish as each hand/foot dries. It’s very economical with time and keeps you busy in between applications to allow proper drying time!


When all coats are applied and dried, I usually go in with cuticle oil and a good hand/foot cream and allow that to penetrate for a while. Sometimes I put cotton gloves and socks on if my hands/feet are severely dry, leave them on overnight and usually wake up the next day with much more bounce in my step! That way I can start as I mean to go on, looking polished and perfected.


What is your weekend pamper routine? Any manicure tips or tricks you would like to share?
Let me know in the comments.