Sunday Morning Musings


Happy Sunday everyone! Apologies in advance if this is a bit of a rambling post! I hope, like me, you are relieved the first week of January is out the way! I hope your resolutions are going to plan, your January is dry if that is what you aimed for and the exercise regime is occuring. Fingers crossed!

After waking up with my morning coffee and having a bit of a blog organise session and paper blitz, I noticed a selection of products and ranges which for some reason or another I missed. After rifling through, I found some that intrigued me enough to share with you all. These products are by no means new, but they are new to me.

Nails Inc have had a few interesting nail releases which they are repromoting currently, including their Overnight Detox Mask. I am wondering how this is something I had some how missed with my obsession with nail health currently.



This mask applied and left over night is meant to stimulate healthy nail growth with its use of Green Tea, Acai Berry and Spirulina, a superfood cocktail full of antioxidants. This potion detoxes the nail and penetrates the nail bed leaving healthy hydrated nails. Not bad! It is apparently aimed at the users of gel manicures to recuperate the nails.

I am quite new to the idea of Nail masks, I have seen sheet type finger pocket masks you leave on for an hour and I’ve read of their nourishing benefits. However I do make time for intensive hand treatments (almost like a mask for the hand) twice a week and cuticle oil and hand cream daily or as often as I can. What would be the difference in the two other than added vitamins?


Another release, Nails Inc Nail Grow treatment with Matcha Tea is another polish release conundrum. A nail growth gel containing tiny micro-beads of Vitamin A & E which hydrate the nail along with the Matcha tea – a highly concentrated form of green tea leaf.




The high chlorophyll content of the gel protects nails from damage and revitalises keratin levels in the nails. This product, applied twice a week, gives an hydration boost to the nails.

These products are not cheap, both priced at £15 each, definitely a more expensive item for something applied to the nail that isn’t a polish, or even a nourishing cream or balm.

It makes me wonder what are we paying for other than these superfood ingredients? I would be interested in the results of using these items.

Has anyone used these products? What was your result?


Also after visiting my local Sally’s beauty supply to pick up a few of my nail essentials, I noticed the Nails Inc Salon Pro range had come in. I had mentioned in a previous post that I wanted to pick up some shades when they became available.

After looking at the bottles of polish, it reminded me of all the other lines of gel formulas Nails Inc do. Also within the last year they have released their Gel One Coat polishes, which are available exclusively at Marks and Spencer in the UK and Ireland. These have a whopping 68 colour shade range, very extensive!





But the one thing that concerns me is does anybody actually know the difference between the Salon Pro, Gel One Coat and Gel Effect formulas?



They all have varying prices and similar descriptions of formula and ingredients.

I already have an extensive range of their Gel Effect polishes in my stash and I am curious to know the difference between the three formulas. I really don’t want to buy the same polish formula, within the same shade ranges 3 times!

Anyone tried either the Salon Pro or Gel One Coat polish products?

I have researched a little online, but these are relatively new products and not alot of reviews on the blogosphere.

I will do some reconnaissance and report back with my findings.


After scoping out my usual polish haunts, I noted QVC has recently began stocking the brand Little Ondine which is also a newer brand which is getting a lot of love on the blogosphere.



I have been meaning to do a post on this range as they are really covering the bases with this formula. The polish range is a water based and organic colour polish range which uses natural ingredients. It is also peel off and quick dry formula which is also odourless. Already I am sold on this line, with good shade range and wear time of around a week, it sounds ideal.

They are £11 each from their website with free UK delivery when you spend over £20. I may have to pick up a few shades!

Have you tried anything from Little Ondine?



Now I know we are on the budget bandwagon on my blog this month, but it is nice to browse online at more premium lines. It doesn’t cost anything to have a look, right! Maybe costs a little in procrastination time.  Anyhow, I thought I would check out some of my favourite pricier brands including one of my favourites, Deborah Lippmann.

I realised after having a sort through my collection, that I didn’t own any or her nailcare products. Shocking really, but I thought of any items in my collection, the cuticle care area is where I was lacking and would invest in.


Her Cuticle Lab set looked like an interesting kit. I have it in my shopping basket but haven’t clicked to buy it yet. Has anyone tried this?


Another item which is something I keep meaning to pick up, when we are seasonally appropriate of course, is Dior’s Tie Dye Top Coat.

The product, from last summer’s Tie Dye Collection, was an item I only remembered while looking at some press for their new Spring/Summer collections for this year. I kicked myself I was so forgetful, I must try that polish sometime and it is still available.


From some of the nail art I had seen using the polish, it looked really pretty and would work with the current trends forecast for the coming Summer months. Did you pick this up last season? How did it work for you?



Has anyone tried these products that had piqued my interest? What was your experience? Let me know in the Comments below.