Inspired by my jealously of my parents taking an extended holiday, I was inspired to consider some of my more summer based polish picks.

I know what you are thinking, this woman has gone mad with the green eyed monster but no, I promise you, I am fine.
All this thought of gorgeous sunsets, sipping cocktails, sand in between my toes and bathing my skin in the sun, sounds so good! I have to use this as nail inspiration, it’s too much to resist! My nails will never look so bright!
Summer brights are usually colours I reserve for holidays and trips away during the warmer months. Unfortunately with no real plans in the coming month before September rolls around, I need to get these out a bit more before the sun goes into hiding.
With a tan, brights work that bit more. Barry M really do these well, their shade Copacabana – an almost neon red, really pops especially with a hint of a tan.

Peach shade nails are lovely with some colour on your skin and Barry M’s Papaya is lovely shade for those sunny days. I wear this shade often and is so glossy and opaque, it’s an absolute steal for the price too.
The Aquarium collection also from Barry M, has some great summer picks, my favourite holiday shade being Mediterranean – a duo chrome peachy golden orange. This beams in the sunlight and really looks spectacular.

My favourite orange is the shade Hopscotch from Ciate, it really pops and looks lovely on hands and toes. I tried this shade in a mini from their Mini Mani Month advent calendar and I am glad I did. A perfect orange for my own skin tone.
Yellows can be tricky, I love yellow but I find it hard to pick shades that suit my fair skin tone. My trusty Loop the Loop from Ciate is also a pale buttery yellow, it flatters my hands and is a perfect summery shade.

For a pink shade, I love Nails Inc’s Pont Street Mews, a beautiful foxglove pink. It has an Essie Flowerista/Splash of Grenadine vibe but bolder and brighter, absolutely perfect for summer. This looks lovely on hands and toes with your tan and is glossy and delicious on the nails.
A purple shade I love with a tan is Essie’s Suite Retreat. It is a slightly dusky purple, but is for me that bit more flattering. I think it’s duskiness makes it that tad more wearable. Other perfect brighter picks would include Essie shades of Bikini So Teeny and Pret a Surfer.

My favourite bright blue is the shade Minty Fresh from No7’s Stay Perfect nail range, a lovely bright sky blue. It really pops on the nail and enhances your tan and brightens any hands or feet right up.
My final pick, a gorgeous bright turquoise shade is Soho Place from Nails Inc.  The gel effect formula is definately one of my favourites of any polish range and is super pumped up and glossy on the nail. This shade is unapologetically bright, summery and pops with a tan. Love this shade and I have a vast collection of turquoises and this was one of the few I brought over when I moved. I am very tempted to pop this on my nails after typing this post!

Also might make a Pina Colada whilst in this holiday mood, why not! Clearly trying to escape our non existent Irish Summer!

What are your favourite summer picks? Let me know in the comments.