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Today in my manicure, I have on OPI’s Nail Envy Nail Strengthener in Cool Pink, a dusky light cool toned pink.



I really like OPI’s Nail Envy in this Cool Pink shade! I received this in a OPI set I was gifted at Christmas, which included the shade I am wearing, the original and nude colour Nail Envy’s along with Avoplex Nail & Cuticle Oil. It’s a really great set, and all the products within it I have ended up using.


I love a neutral pink and this shade is a very good representation of that. A nice mid toned cool light pink, perfect for the office or when you don’t want a colour too flashy or in your face for a professional setting. I like this shade as it makes you look groomed and like you have made some effort, without even really trying! Completely effortless!

I ended up cutting my nails short after knocking one of my nails (I bent it back on itself and it hurt!!!) So feeling the need for some extra strength, I thought I had better pull out one of my colour Nail Envy’s.


I have tried this shade, along with the nude and 3 other Strength In Colour Nail Envy’s and I must admit they all work very well. There is no difference between these and the original Nail Envy formulas,  both do the exact same job! I am glad OPI have finally cottoned on and made these strengthening colour products in more shades and more readily available. I wish they had even more colours!  If you are interested in these type polish products, I will link OPI’s range here, if you would like to take a look.




The handy thing with Nail Envy is you paint it on every other day, even over your colour manicure to continue the strengtheners good work.  As my nails are currently on the shorter side, I thought why not use one of these, for strength with colour! It also is excellent polish when you are short for time, no need for a base product, just your 2 coats of Colour Envy plus top coat and you are good to go!


OPI’s Brush is lovely and wide, making application a doddle and the Nail Envy formula dries fairly quickly. With this Cool Pink shade I ended up using 3 coats, just so I couldn’t see my visible nail line. I then topped it off my usual Nails Inc Kensington Caviar top coat to finish my manicure. I think you could manage 2 coats of the polish, I think my coats must be on the thin side!

I had thought about applying another coat of original Nail Envy, but I thought that would be way too much Nail Envy in one go!!! I will apply another coat in a day or so, depending on if I change my manicure!


This particular polish shade is only available from QVC and features in various sets, including the one I mentioned above. It is also available in a Pink Nail Envy duo here which costs £22.00 plus postage, which isn’t too bad for 2 Nail Envy’s.



Do you like my NOTD? What are you wearing currently in your own NOTD? Any dupes to re-create my look? Let me know in the Comments.