As part of my Nail New Years Resolutions, I made a vow to use my polish stash much more frequently to get the enjoyment out of it in 2016.

I am really trying to stick to my resolutions, especially now we are well into January and keep these thoughts to the forefront, especially when conducting my manicures and pedicures.




I try my best to write posts on a range of different topics, be it new products and collections, trends, reviews, advice and general nail care tips. Which I hope in the most part you get here on The Nail Buff blog.

But like any Polish lover/Beauty addict and Blogger who has a serious polish stash, I thought it made sense to start showing you my favourite polish shades from my polish treasure trove! And at same time shop my own stash!

I always think shopping your stash is such a good idea in the long run! I am always amazed that more Bloggers don’t feature it more within their content!

You rediscover polish shades you love and don’t waste what you already have! It is so easy to spend money re-purchasing similar polishes. It’s really just common sense!




So I have decided that every Sunday, I will show you a polish/combo I love and give you a NOTD! That way, you will get a sense of my own polish taste and style.

I will try my best in my NOTD posts to use polishes that are still available, so you can pick them up if you like. If the polish is not available, I will mention some dupes so you can get the look!

Today in my manicure, I have OPI’s Do you Have This Colour In Stock-Holm? A beautiful blue toned violet creme. 




I really like OPI’s Do You Have This Color In Stock-Holm?  It was an instant favourite from OPI’s Nordic Collection in 2014. For me, this was one of the standout shades from this collection.

I love a really vibrant purple, and that is what it is! It’s beautiful. It can look blue in bright sunlight, but the shade is more of a blurple on the whole, if you get my drift. It also goes with anything!

It applies smoothly, you cannot beat OPI’s pro wide brush! I got my manicure true to bottle shade in 2 coats of polish!

If you like the look of the shade, it is currently available from OPI and Amazon.




Do you like my NOTD? What are you wearing currently in your own NOTD? Any dupes to re-create my look? Let me know in the Comments.