September Favourites


Hi all! I cannot believe another month has flown by! Seriously cannot believe it’s been a whole month since I sat down and went through my nail polish likes and loves.

In this post is a quick run down of nail polish products I have been loving in the month of September. I will keep this post strictly to nailcare and polish shades, the products I have most often picked up and used on my nails.


Since last month nothing has changed in terms of my basecoat and topcoat regime. I am currently using Nails Inc’s Nailkale Superfood Basecoat and Nails Inc’s Kensington Caviar Topcoat. I am happy with my results and will continue to use both until I find a newer products that might top the results I am already getting with both these products. Although I do have my eye on a few products which may be worthy of a trial!


Shade wise, my polish choices in the month of September were quite a variety of different brands and colours.

My favourite recently purchased polish I wore was a Suzanne Jackson SoSu nail polish in the shade Bare My Soul. I got this whilst buying a few bits and bobs in a larger independent pharmacy and ended up making an impulse purchase. This polish was a way of testing the range as I was avoiding buying dupes for shades I already own.

The shade is an interesting metallic deep teal toned green which I currently do not own anything similar to, and very pretty in the bottle. I had seen this shade featured in press and blogs covering the SoSu range but had never seen the bottle in person to pick it up and give it a whirl.

It takes 2 coats for full opacity and base and top coat, but the polish holds reasonably well. I managed a weeks worth of wear from this polish but I feel this is not a gel effect polish as it claims to be.

I feel it is pricey for the quality, but for a pretty shade and was worth a try. I still feel I would enjoy wearing the polish, I love the colour and will definitely be popping it in my manicures in the coming months.

Another polish I also picked up this month is Rimmel’s Salon Pro Kate Moss polish in the shade Seduce, a beautiful rich purple shade.




The polish release is apparently inspired from Kate Moss’s interpretation of a laid-back Bohemian look. This polish, along with the 4 other shades from this collection, are a mix of rich, earthy tones, softs nudes and cool brights.

The Seduce shade is a rich creamy purple, definitely a cheap dupe for Nails Inc’s Nailkale polish in Gloucester Walk, but just ever so slightly darker.

A lovely buildable polish, it looks a mess and extremely streaky on the first coat but another coat on top leaves a lovely richly pigmented nail colour.

Once topped off with top coat, it is really glossy and chic on the nails. I got reasonable wear time from this polish with a good 6 days without a chip, so not bad considering the price point.

In fact this range from the drugstore is excellent value for money for the wear time and formula and I have a few more polishes I will be planning on picking up and adding to my collection. The shades Nymph and Bewitch are on my shopping list.

Another polish favourite this month is one I have owned for a long time which I had forgotten about. I was inspired to pop this polish on my nails after writing a post all about the many beautiful metallic blues around currently.


Topshop’s Missile is my most worn metallic blue, and felt I had to dig it out and lap up this lovely shade again. I have invested in many metallic blue shades in more recent times but came back to this shade for my manicure.


Its such a lovely mid toned blue metallic with slight iridescent shimmer, a quite unique metallic blue really. I really love its colour and it pops on the hands. I will definitely be wearing this shade more often now I have rediscovered it again, as it wears so well – I got a good week out of this polish. More reason to wear it more often!

Another shade I also picked up this month, a perfect autumnal shade is No7 Stay Perfect nail colour in Fire Cracker, which as the name suggests is a real cracker!



This is a pretty dark plum toned jelly based polish with a fuchsia glitter running through it. It’s a very subtle glitter, looks very sophisticated on the nail. I firstly tried it on my hand nails and I found the glitter is perfect for hands, is not too in your face and loud glitter for everyday wear.

It reminds me of some maroon toned metallic shades, yet it glints and shimmers more due to the glitter and it really sparkles with glossy top coat.
In fact I enjoyed the polish on my hand nails that much, I decided to paint my toe nails to match, so I have had this shade on both sets of nails this month!
For wear time, this polish works well due to the glitter nature of the polish, getting a decent 5-7 days worth of wear plus extra with a extra coat of topcoat.

In fact looking at my most worn polish picks this month, they are mostly drugstore or less expensive polish options, excellent if you are on a budget or want to make your pennies go further.


Along with the No7 Firecracker shade I have currently on my toes typing this, Nails Inc’s Nailkale shade in Victoria & Albert, is what I had on my nails for the first half of the month.


In fact, I got practically a months wear time on toes with this polish, not by my own laziness but due to the amazing wear of this formula. I have to physically take it off before it ever chips or looks like it is looking a bit tired on the nail.
This shade really suits my pale skin tone. I really love this shade!

Well there was my September polish favourites. Any polishes you can recommend me to use in October?

What are your current favourite polishes?

Let me know in the comments.

FYI: For more info on my other most used products and about my general manicure routine, please check out my Manicure Routine Series