Of all the things I am currently using in my nailcare routine, Nails Inc’s Nailkale Superfood Basecoat is probably my best discovery in recent times. I have toyed with other base coats over the years, used several different formulations and ended up using OPI’s Nail Envy for the last few years.

After having success with growth and strength, I ended up maintaining them with a weekly treatment as recommended. I would often end up with very long nails but found over time they would break, and when they did it was sometimes breaking painfully down below my free edge.

Frustrated with my situation, I ordered a set from Nails Inc which included new polish releases from their Nailkale range. I had loved colour from their brand but had never tried nailcare or maintenance products. This was a bit of gamble.

The Nailkale basecoat is described as ‘a powerful nail treatment with a keratin hardening complex’ which once activated stimulates nail growth and hydrates the nail. The formula has ‘anti splitting and anti breakage protection’ which drew me in, I was hoping this would be the answer to my nail prayers.

The polish has an anti-oxidant rich formula, contains aloe vera, lemon, ginseng, pomegranate and grape plus a large helping of kale. Fortified with vitamins A, C, E, F, and H, the formula seriously packs a punch.

Kale seemed to be the marketing ploy to to draw the health conscious amongst us in. I must admit I was aware of Kale’s health benefits including it being high in the nutrient Calcium, key for hair and nail health.

I applied this as directed, one coat of basecoat, 2 coats of polish and top coat. For the application, the basecoat I found was a lovely formula, glided on the nail a dream with a wide brush and dried very quickly. I then applied the nailkale polish, Victoria and Albert – a beautiful bright red, which is ultra glossy and just as smooth and pleasant to apply. I topped it off with the Kensington Caviar topcoat which dried quite quickly and finished off my manicure.

To really test the kale formula I felt to try all the products in conjunction with each other was the way to go to see what the results were and then use other products i.e. other branded colour polishes to see if the results differed.

I found my manicure lasted well and my nails, a few more manicures down the line, were doing well on the whole. For me, both using the basecoat with nailkale colour polishes and then with other brands offered similar results. I would only say there was a marginal difference between the varying colour polish choices.

Overall I had no breaking, splitting or peeling and quite long nails after the first month. Even with a few more penetrating treatments, applying two coats of the basecoat on my naked nails a couple of times a week, I was getting good results.

I also could see the difference in my nails when I didn’t use it. My nails were getting so long and strong I had to trim them with my scissors, which to be honest, with previous basecoats, I hadn’t done often.
Now over 6 months down the line I am very content with my nails, the basecoat is lasting well and my nails are truly loving the Nailkale formula. I don’t usually rave about products often but if you pick anything up nailcare related this autumn, I would definitely pick up a bottle and give it a try.

TOP TIP: If you are unsure about the cost and want to try without paying the full price tag, I would consider ordering from QVC. If you order from them you can try beauty products within a month of receiving your order. If you don’t get on with them within that time you get a refund minus postage. If you bought the polish from the high street you would not be able to do this, unless the product was faulty or damaged.


Nails Inc Nailkale Superfood Basecoat is available from Boots and Nails Inc and is priced at £15.00. You can also pick it up in a duo from QVC for £22.00 – bargain!



Have you tried Nails Inc Nailkale Superfood Base coat? What were your thoughts on the product? Did you get good results? Let me know in the Comments down below.