Reds are those vibrant shades which really liven up the hand, bold and daring, they give you a confident demeanour whether you want it to show or not. Reds are classic and are perfect for polishing up your look, so chic and perfect for people who have a look and tend to stick to it.

For anyone starting up a nail colour collection, reds are an absolute must and even as someone who, in my younger years, rarely gravitated towards the shade, I now wear it on a fairly regular basis.
Writing a blog post about shades of red is quite a difficult task as, of any shade, red has probably the most range of hues and we could be here all day talking about all my favourite reds.
Like all things, personal preference take centre stage with what we wear in colour depending on our own hair and skin tone. With that in mind take my picks with an extra large pinch of salt as these are my own favourites based on my own preferences and current loves.

Barry M has a few of my more recent favourites, Chilli – a deep dusky red has that touch of marsala about it, perfect for updating your nail wardrobe for the coming autumn winter nail polish picks.

Another shade from Barry M which is surprisingly bright is the shade Copacabana, a lovely bright red, almost neon with a matte formula. It dries super quick and looks supreme with a glossy topcoat.

Nails inc really bring all the reds to the table. So many to choose from. A classic is the shade Tate, a staple in my red collection and goes with almost anything. Another shade I love is King Edward St, a polish I received in a set but surprised me with it’s lovely vibrant colour. A truly blood red, hope you are not squeamish.

Another red, this time a much deeper affair is Victoria, my most deep dark red, a deep cherry. I love this one and get a lot of wear out of it on hands and toes. It has an almost neutral quality about it but has a glossy formula and looks almost patent on the nail.
Nails Inc’s The Boltons is a great pick, A gorgous gleaming ruby metallic. If you cannot find this one, Aspen, also from them, is very similar.  If Aspen is a little on the pricey side try Salsa from No7 Stay Perfect range, a very handy dupe.
My most recent red discovery is from Nails Inc the shade Victoria and Albert, from their Nailkale formula range. This is a lovely polish, the formula is great, super shiny and glossy and a brilliant bright red. A great addition to my bursting collection of rouges. I say this did you see my A/W 2015 Nail Polish Shopping/Wishlist? So many red polishes! Help!

Well guys what do you think? What other shades should I add to my collection? Let me know in the comments.