Lilac’s, lavenders, mauve’s, aubergines and amethysts, all lovely shades of the colour purple. I think from since I can ever remember purple has always been my favourite colour. It’s warmth and sometime coolness works well with so many complexions.
My collection of purple at one point got slightly out of control, but in more recent times I have reigned myself in and curbed my enthusiasm for the shade. The current pastels and off white shades which have graced my nails has stopped me in my purple loving tracks.

Some of my more paler purple shades include Topshop’s Flying Saucers – a creamy lilac with a glitter shimmer running through it. Lovely on the nails and one I have had in my collection for a little while.

Princes Place from Nails inc is another pale dusky toned purple which I acquired in my collection from QVC in one of their sets. This one is a pure blue toned pale purple which is ever so chic and easily dupable on the high street.

Another duskier affair comes from Ciate in their shade Pillow Talk which is a pale dusky neutral and is extremely work appropriate and goes so well with almost any outfit. I get this one out quite regularly when in doubt.

Working our way through the spectrum of tones, Chester Gate from Nails Inc is a lovely Milka chocolate wrapper toned purple. I love this one, for a standard formula is ever so glossy and had many compliments on this shade.
Carrying on the chocolate theme, which is making me rather peckish for a square of the stuff is a Cadbury foil shade called Belvedere Road from Nails Inc. This shade is a pretty good match for the wrapper with a lovely metallic mix of purple with a shimmer shot through, perfect on toes with a glossy topcoat.
Some of my favourite Essie shades are in the bluey purple colour family, two notable picks would be Suite Retreat and Lapiz of Luxury which I get out pretty regular and adore on my nails.

My deepest darkest purples which I wear most often comes from Nails Inc in the shade Old Bond Street, an almost royal blue toned indigo purple. I love the colour, such a stand shade and draws your attention from the get-go. Grosvenor Crescent – a deep aubergine with a glossy formula is also one of my most worn purple shades. Looks so sophisticated on the nail.

Purple toned glitters and metallics are lovely and some of my favourite shades. Topshop’s offerings rock my nail beds quite often.
Eyes of Steel – a pale lilac silver toned metallic is beautiful and looks good with so many looks. Similar to this shade is No7’s gel look hi-shine nail colour in Moonshimmer, a slightly deeper tone in metallic with a hint more grey and glitter running through it, a more easily available option.

My favourite purple from Topshop is their duo chrome metallic in the shade Plume, which is almost like the gemstone Tanzanite on the nails. I wear this from time to time and without fail it always raises an eyebrow or gets a stare and usually a question/compliment. One of those shades I guess.
My final shade is Topshop’s Song+Dance, a dusky purple glitter topcoat which I have added to pretty much all of my purple nail polishes over the last few years from time to time. Its gives that extra dimension and sparkle to my manicure and dresses up my polish at party time.


Well that was the rundown on pretty much all things purple I have been currently rocking. What are your favourite purples? There must be other shades I am missing.

Let me know in the comments.