Powdery Pastel Nail Inspiration


We are used to thinking pastel colours are meant for the summer months, however, many designers decided to bring softness and warmth to their fall collections with these shades. With pastel colours like baby blues, pastel yellows, dusty pinks and lilacs, I don’t think I can resist these sugary delights. Powdery pastel colours look especially chic in the fall collections of Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Christian Dior, Missoni, Dries Van Noten and several other designers, this shade range is not going anywhere. Perfect Powdery Pastel Nail Inspiration!


We all love pastels in the summertime, yet these shades are not your traditional Autumn nail polish shades you might pick up and apply. At the same time they work so well with current fashion offerings, and they have been springing up in several mainstream nail polish collections.

Opaque pastel nail shades offer that mod feel whilst also accentuating some of the nods to the 60’s and 70’s we have been seeing in the latest collections. An adult-looking pastel manicure is surprisingly easy enough look to achieve, especially with the wide array of polishes on the market, we are spoilt for choice. We really have no excuses not to nail pastels!

Two of the best ranges I have seen, exclusively pastel and on the lower end of the price spectrum, are both from the drugstore.


Powdery Pastel Nail Inspiration!

Barry M’s Quick Dry Nail Paint is the first option, an absolute steal at £3.99 a polish and regularly on offer also, one of the cheapest ways of getting the look!


They have an extensive range of pastels on offer and have recently added more shades to the range.

Some of my favourites include Eat My Dust – a pale blue, Road Rage – a pale turquoise, Pole Position – a pale green and On Your Marks – a lovely pale yellow. I have tried and tested these shades, and building 3 layers of colour with a good base and top coat offers reasonable wear time for the price. A great budget option!



Powdery Pastel Nail Inspiration!

Essie for me, rule the roost with their pastel shades. Ever since Essie came to the UK and Ireland, I have been loving their pastel shades.

Such a huge offering and wide variety of beautiful shades with smooth milky formulas and every pastel shade you would want, it’s excellent considering the price point.

Some of my favourites would be Absolutely Shore – a pale pastel green, Find Me An Oasis – a pastel baby blue, Go Ginza – a beautiful pastel lilac, Romper Room – a pastel pink, Spin The Bottle – a pastel blush and Chillato – a pastel yellow. All really lovely shades that you must check out!



Powdery Pastel Nail Inspiration!

For a higher end formula, you cannot go wrong with Nails Inc The New White Collection, which offers some lovely off white tones, perfectly for a very pale pastel.

Shades include Swan Street – a green toned white, White Horse Street – a lilac toned white, Lily Road – a baby pink toned white and White Hall – an blush toned white.

These look classy on the nail, the off white shades enhance the hands and draw attention to the nails. These polishes are a very sophisticated look and need good prep before hand to make these look superb on the nail!


Powdery Pastel Nail Inspiration!

Another brand I like for pastel polish picks, probably my favourite, is Topshop Nail polishes.

Ever since I tried Topshop polishes, I was immediately drawn to their pastel shades.

I think that was the polish brand that got my pastel tastebuds going! So many pretty pastel shades to choose from, I would always leave Topshop with a nail shade in hand from their polish range!

Current favourites which are still available are Boy Next Door, Caught Your Eye and Blue Rinse, all of the blue pastel variety. Lilac pastel shades would include Parma Violet and Rainy Day and Pink toned pastels would be Pink Cadillac and Shrimpy. All really unique shades for the price point.



Powdery Pastel Nail Inspiration!

Tips for applying pastel shades would be to consider your nail canvas and prepare your nails how you would if you were applying a sheer nude or pale nude toned polish.

Preparation is key and getting the canvas prepped is definitely the first step. Ensure you have buffed the nail plate for slight imperfections.

Good filling and buffing is essential so the look is neat and tidy, ready for polish application.

Cuticle work is best done beforehand for flawless application. Any minor imperfections will show through these paler shades, so tidy cuticles are essential.

Base coat followed by 2-3 thin coats of you chosen pastel, will get the coverage you need for this look, building the colour and then topping off with your chosen top coat.

For added longevity, apply top coat a day or two after your chosen manicure to maintain your look.





Number 1 – Brightens the hands and sometimes make you look like you have tan.

Handy in winter when it is freezing. If you are like me, in Winter especially, I do not have the effort to remove clothing when it is so cold to even think about fake tanning! Brrrrr.

Number 2 – Girlie but not necessarily cutesy, pick a polish with a chalky finish and it gives a modern and eye catching look.

I like to go for this look when wearing black or grey, it really pops against the outfit and lifts it with just the slightest hint of colour, without wearing a vibrant shade. Perfect for those of us whose wardrobes mainly comprise of black. I swear I am not a goth!

Number 3 – Whatever you chosen pastel shade, it will pop against your skin tone. In the bottle is usually how it looks on your nails and it always stands out!

I have had some of the most disgruntled looks from my parents whilst wearing pastels on my nails, yet, on the other hand received some the nicest compliments from friends!

Swings and roundabouts I guess with these shades, but either way – it will get you noticed!


Pastels, love them or hate them they will be around for a little bit longer. Painting my nails in delicate powdery hues are some of my favourite manicures year round, good for cheering up the hands. I will certainly be pulling out my favourites and sampling some new shades in the coming weeks.

What are your favourite pastel shades? Any dupes for any of my shades?Any tips to update pastel manicures?

Let me know your thoughts by sharing down below in the comments.