Organising nail polishes is one of those things, depending on what you have, you need certain levels of categorisation. I have been tending to organise by colour and today I have moved into those beautiful blooming pink tones.
After leaving home to move over to Ireland, I had to pick all of my favourite pink coloured polishes which is a hard feat for someone with as vast collection as I had. So many different shades of pink.


All my shades I love the most out of my collection of Pinks.

I was glad I brought my favourite summery peachy pink. No7’s Stay Perfect nail polish in Cheeky Chops, a glossy pink which is absolutely perfect for this time of year. It’s just a shame the sun is not out, as this would be fabulous on hands or toes with the sun beaming down on them.

I love to make my hand nails pop with the shade Amazing Gracie from Ciate. It’s light pink is so delicate but gives your hands a bit more colour due to its own paleness and has a lovely formula, very long lasting.

My other two lighter pinks are from Nails Inc. Mayfair Lane is my go to manicure colour for just about any time of year. Probably my most well used pale pink and from what I have heard the most popular Nails inc manicure shade. I am not surprised.

St Johns Wood is a very pale peachy pink but also makes the nail bed pop. I wore this after my most recent holiday and I looked very tanned. All the work of the polish I might add as I do not tan easily. The nailkale formula of the polish also worked wonders I might add to my nails. I am fanatical about the Nails Inc Nailkale Superfood base coat too, blog post coming all about that holy grail polish.  Another brighter pink I love in these summer months is the shade Covent Garden Place from Nails Inc. It’s a lovely bright raspberry shade and really great on toes and brilliantly glossy and shiny. I like the Gel Effect formula too.

Topshop also does some lovely pink shades. I picked up the shade Pink Cadillac, a peachy baby pink shot through with a slight pink shimmer. An absolute beaut on the nails. Also their shade Rose Petal, is a lovely dusky bright rose shade and one I have worn on and off in the spring and summer months. EssieButton picked this with her rose picks not too long ago and I can see why, it’s blooming lovely and great addition to any collection.

I love brighter pinks too and Barry M’s Gelly Hi-Shine nail paint in Pomegranate is one of those pinks one stares at. I love this shade and the formula last fairly well on the nails for its budget pricetag.

I love all of these pinks, and I am not even a big lover of pink. How can this be?  With all these shades, I will definately be Pretty in Pink!

What are all of your favourite pink polish shades? Any suggestions to add to my collection?

Let me know in the comments.