Orly Melrose Spring 2016 Nail Polish Collection



Happy Monday everyone! Another week has gone by and we are getting well and truly into Spring! However one collection which I have appreciated for it’s lovely array of Springy shades is the Orly Melrose Spring 2016 Nail Polish Collection!

I am really spoilt for choice. Not to mention the Summer collections! I am excited for those beauties coming up too!

So far, most of the Spring collection haven’t been that typically Spring like in tone, other than Dior’s Glowing Garden’s Spring nail shades.

The collection takes inspiration from Melrose place, the famous and funky indie shopping mecca that stretches from Silver Lake to Santa Monica. The place to be to pick up designer couture, with it’s funky indie shops, restaurants, and one of L.A.’s most popular flower shops.


This collection is bright, funky and colourful palette in a range of creme’s, shimmers, pearl shimmers and holographic glitters. Orly describes the shades as an ‘acid mixture of bubble gum, coral, raspberry and minty turquoise softened by pinkish nudes in a variety of effects from matte to ultra-glossy, and foamy or gelatinous translucents.’

Other good to know things about Orly

Their polish formulas are 5 -Free, their polishes offer a rubberised cap for good grip whilst applying polish/opening bottles and their brush type is quite long and thin, perfect for those with slender nailbeds.




Anyway, enough about collection, lets look at each individual shade!




Beautifully Bizarre – a shell pink with iridescent blue shimmer.

Similar shades to this shade are Essie’s Just Stitched and China Glaze’s Wanderlust, the main difference being the shimmer running through the polishes.






Vintage – an almost neon mint green creme. This shade is a beaut!

This shade isn’t particularly unique, these kinds of mid toned turquoise cremes are fairly common in varying tones in virtually all brands. Just pick the brand you want!






Trendy – a peach creme with shot through with crystal shimmer.

This shade reminds me of Zoya’s Zahara from their Petals Spring 2016 Collection, just a tad more peachy.






Feel the Funk – a sheer lilac shimmer with holographic glitter

This I feel is the most unique shade of the collection, however it’s hard to find another similar dupe giving the same effect. I think you would find more shades like this from indie polish brands. I will update if I find something up to standard.






Hip & Outlandish – an electric almost neon teal creme

The most similar shade I have seen in my own collection is my No7 Stay Perfect Nail Polish in So Neat, although this shade has added shimmer. You could also try China Glaze’s My Way Or The Highway.





Window Shopping – a hot bright magenta creme

This shade immediately reminded me of Dior’s Pivoine shade, although Orly’s shade is cheaper!







Please check out Phoebe Moon’s video below if you like to see polishes live swatched, the best way to see how these polish perform!





My Thoughts on the Collection


Firstly I really like the shade range in the collection and I especially love those mint green and teal shades! There isn’t one shade that I dislike colourwise or that I wouldn’t want to wear this time of year.

The only issues I have with this collection is the formula and brush combo. The formula isn’t great on some of the shades, Trendy for me was the worst. The finish was so lumpy, it needed 2 coats of top coat just to smooth it out.

Feel the Funk I also found hard to work with, it was so sheer even with 3 coats that I felt this shade needed to be a used as a topper. Indie polishes have a similar look to Feel the Funk, without the issues of opacity and finish, why can’t Orly do it? I think they need to take note if they plan on making similar shades in future.

The creme formula shades, along with Trendy, dried down to an almost satin finish. This is something you might need to consider if you like glossy or gel look formulas in your end result of colour application. I needed top coat on all these shades, with at least one coat if not two on certain shades, just to plump them up.

The brush I found was a bug bear, the long narrow brush worked against some of the formulas needing additional polish strokes per nail to gain reasonable coverage. I prefer wider brushes with more bristles myself so it probably annoyed me more than most!

My favourites of the collection are Window Shopping, Beautifully Bizarre and Vintage. Loved all of these shades and they had the best formulas in the bunch. I think given the option again I would give Trendy a miss, it’s a shame as it such a nice shade. Maybe it’s better in the gel polish formula?





If you want to pick up Orly’s Melrose Spring 2016 Collection, it’s available now in standard and gel formulations, in select salons and beauty supply stores. It is also available online at Nail Polish Direct and Amazon.





What do you think of Orly’s Melrose Spring 2016 Collection? What are your favourite shades? Any shades you plan on picking up? Do you know of any dupes for shades in this collection? Let me know you thoughts down in the Comments below.