OPI’s Alice Through The Looking Glass Nail Collection 2016



Another day, another polish collection and today we have OPI’s Alice Through the Looking Glass Nail Collection. With the Alice Through the Looking Glass film due for upcoming release, OPI have collaborated with Disney for the theme of their latest polish collection. I was a fan of OPI’s Alice In Wonderland polish collection a few years back, so I hope this one doesn’t disappoint!

I had been looking forward to getting my hands on this collection for quite a while, seeing early previews of collection swatches since late last year. So I have been patiently waiting for this collection to become available!

I had my eye on a few polish collection shades that I knew I would definately want to check out to see if they were my cup of tea in person. So when I picked up the collection prior to launch from one of my favourite nail polish etailers, so I thought I would share my findings in today’s post!


Onto the shades!



Oh My Majesty – a marshmallow toned alabastor white crelly shot through with golden shimmer

OPI have a couple of shades within dupe territory of this one, Abalone Shell and Chiffon My Mind are perfect examples.


I’m Gown For Anything – a pale pink toned mauve creme

OPI’s Infinite Shine polish in Lavendurable and Essie’s Go Ginza would be similar shades.


The I’s Have It – a pale cornflower blue creme with slight shimmer

Essie’s Bikini So Teeny would be similar (without the shimmer) along with Bourjois’s La Laque nail enamel in Adora Bleu.


Fearlessly Alice – a warm toned mid blue creme

You could pick dupe shades from practically every brand for this colour polish, a very popular shade. The closest dupes I have seen are Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel polish in Rhythm and Blue and CND Vinylux weekly nail polish in Digi-Teal.


Mad for Madness Sake – a bright raspberry crelly

This shade is soooooo dupable, from practically every brand you can pick up a pink this tone. If you are a polish collector like myself you will probably own a shade similar to this.

From OPI there is Don’t Know…Beets Me! for a dupe or Essence’s The Gel nail polish in Ever Young a bargain shade to pick up and dupe away!


Having a Big Head Day – a crimson red creme

OPI have produced some of my favourite red’s including this one! However if you are concerned with OPI dupes, Amore At The Grand Canal from their Venice Collection is probably the most similar shade (with added shimmer), whereas this one is a straight up creme. Take your pick!


What’s The Hatter With You?  – a plum toned deep cherry creme

As soon as I saw this I immediately thought of OPI’s In The Cable Car-Pool Lane, a shade I already have in my collection but Essie’s Bahama Mama and Chanel’s Singuliere are in the same realm. I really don’t need another polish this shade!!


A Mirror Escape – a sheer metallic gold with dense white and silver matte glitters

I don’t have anything similar in my own stash which replicates the look of this polish. I imagine you could find a polish which is across between a metallic and a Zoya Pixie Dust polish finish. Very textured finish.


What Time Isn’t It? – a grey crelly with silver bar glitters

This is another shade I am yet to find a dupe for! It’s crelly formula with bar glitters together you don’t see very often.

If you like this one, this is the limited edition shade in the collection and costs slightly more compared to the other shades, so pick this up if you like it!

Check out Phoebe Moon’s video showing live swatches!

OPI’s Alice Through The Looking Glass swatches


My Thoughts on the Collection


Overall I have very mixed feelings about the collection. My initial feelings on the collection has now changed now I have gotten to grips with the formulas and applied them to my nails. I had read other reviews regarding the collection but tried to put their thoughts to one side until I had used them myself.

Positive aspects to the collection – the majority of polish formulas are good using OPI’s standard 3 Free formula and apply smoothy using their pro wide brush. For me the creme formulas are the best from the collection, I enjoyed using all of them and most were easy to apply and opaque in 2 coats or less. Good good good! Of all my favourites from the collection, the lighter creams were by far my favourite!

Oh My Majesty is such a lovely unusual white shade, which as soon as I saw swatched in Phoebe Moon’s video above I knew I had to have it! It’s so wearable and pop’s against your skin (even when you are as pale and pasty as I am.) It applies beautifully and you can really see the shimmer in the light, gorgeous!

I’m Gown For Anything is another favourite creme, it’s not quite pink/mauve purpley tone looks lovely on the nails and applies the best out of all the polishes. It’s a bit of a thicker formula but with a light hand glides on with full coverage in 1 coat, if you are lucky. I will always tend to apply 2 coats in my own manicures but it’s nice to know the option is there if I was in a hurry with my manicure!

My final favourite is The I’s Have It, that gorgeous pale cornflower blue creme with slight shimmer is really pretty! I do own similar dupes in my collection, but I am glad I picked this up as the formula is much better than my other shades. It’s a powdery and girlie and something I can definately see myself wearing this Summer!

For me the only disappointing shades in the collection are A Mirror Escape and What Time Isn’t It?

I found them irritating to apply, the finish on them not the greatest – reminiscent of some of OPI’s Starlight Winter Collection shades. They left a very bumpy, gritty finish needing 2 coats of top coat just to smooth them out.

I would definately say you could find nicer finish polishes from other brands and indie’s if you wanted a similar look. In hindsight, I wish I had listened to some of my fellow polish bloggers and not picked them all up. Ah well nevermind!

I hope in the next OPI collection they come up with more interesting finishes, better takes on glitters and special effects. I say that you cannot knock the creme’s in the collection! You win some, you lose some!

Anyway, there was OPI’s Alice Through The Looking Glass Summer 2016 Collection. Check them out and let me know what you think!


If you would like to pick up OPI’s Alice Through The Looking Glass Collection it is currently available from Ella Gray and Nail Polish Direct online.




What are your thoughts on OPI’s Alice Through The Looking Glass Polish Collection? Any shades you have your eye on? Have you tried any shades, what did you think? Do you know of any dupes for shades?

Let me know what you think and share down below in the Comments.