Now we are into January and the coldest winter months, if you have been neglecting your nails the last month or two, now is the time to do something about it. I have harped on about the importance of looking after your nails in numerous blog posts here on The Nail Buff blog.  It’s that time of year to focus on nail condition and health folks! New Year, New Nails!



I am going to avoid repeating myself in this post but if you have any nail concerns, take a look at some of posts below, they may be of interest to you and may help you.


If you are on a health kick this January with a new healthy diet, please see my post on Vitamins and Supplements for your nails.

This post gives details for foods and supplements you may want to incorporate into your diet to aid nail health and you will glow from the inside out. No excuse now not to stick to that diet long term!


If your hands and nails are on the dry side, nail nourishment and hydration is key for you in 2016.

My posts on Natural Nail Oil Alternatives and Nail and Cuticle TLC are what you need to be reading up online, although investing in good base coats and using plenty of hand cream is also advised.


If you have been over to the dark side recently aka false nails, gel manicures or any form of enhancement, begin 2016 with swift removal followed by a nail treatment and a stint in Nail Rehab.


If you are all glittered out from party nails and have nails in general bad condition, try A Nail Detox– a good way to kick start nail health in 2016.



Regardless of your nail care knowledge and of any habit to begin in 2016, a good manicure routine is essential. My series here shows the basic nail routine step by step that I do, week in and week out and it works!





Either way if you are unsure where to look for you nail concern in 2016, please check out my Nail care section on the side bar and hopefully you will find what you need.

I wish you all happy and healthy nails in 2016!