New Season Red’s – my favourite red polish shades for A/W15


You cannot beat a red polish manicure, a timeless colour which inevitably looks polished and chic, regardless of what other fashions you may be rocking. Regardless of the evolving colour palette from season to season, you are nearly always guaranteed hot new red shade in the upcoming polish collections, and this year is no exception! I have already found the best selection of New Season Reds – my favourite red polish shades for A/W15!




If I am ever in doubt of what polish to put on my own nails, it is usually either a nude or more often, a bold red!




This season the shade itself is a real talking point, a colour which has roots in various trends we are seeing in several catwalk collections.

Yet coming into the winter months it is a shade we turn to for warmth and richness on our skin. Be it pillar box reds, orange toned reds, wines and dark cherries, there is a red which will suit your nails.

Some of my favourite shades from recent polish collections are some of the red toned shades are that of the bold and bright reds in particular.



Louboutin red springs to mind, yet I am avoiding their polishes currently for my own financial health. But I do have a lovely selection of reds which I will definitely be sporting in the coming months that I will share with you in this post.

Essie’s Leggy Legend collection has two lovely reds to choose from, both slightly different picks depending on what hue of red you would prefer.



The first is Colour Binge pictured above, is a true bold bright red, a very vivid shade which is a more orange toned red rather than a coral. Beautiful on the nail and perfect for autumn and winter.

This shade needs 2 coats to be truly opaque, but is a thick crelly polish formula. A lovely pick to pop in your basket to update your own red polish collection.

New Season Reds - my favourite red polish shades for A/W15!


The other Essie red polish pick is With the Band pictured above, is a deeper cool toned red which is extremely glossy, another thick crelly formula. This polish is excellent if you are in a hurry, a total one coater, perfect for that quick manicure.


New Season Reds - my favourite red polish shades for A/W15!


Another new release from Chanel from the autumnal collection is Ecourse Sanguine pictured above, a beautiful shimmery red, one that is definitely a better polish in person. It has such a lovely golden shimmer running through it which glistens when topped with top coat.

I have been dying to pop this one on the nails, but I have savoured it in August when I bought it for a more appropriate outing. But now we are into September it’s definitely time to rock this perfect seasonally appropriate shade!

Deborah Lippmann’s polishes are really luxxe lacquers and her recent collection to add her range is the beautiful ROAR collection, a real capsule collection of polishes.


New Season Reds - my favourite red polish shades for A/W15!


Respect pictured above, is the red from this collection, a brick red crème with a warm subtle undertone. Even with my fair skintone its looks lovely and doesn’t make my cooler skin look even paler. This shade is very pigmented and a creamier formula and builds wells with excellent wear time. Definitely a red to try if you can pick it up!


New Season Reds - my favourite red polish shades for A/W15!


My last pick is probably my most worn red in recent times. Nails Inc’s Victoria & Albert in the Nailkale formula is my go-to red, a vibrant bold and bright affair with supreme formula and excellent gloss.

Since I picked it up I have gotten good use out of this polish, mainly because I love the formula and it lasts really well on my nails. I would not be without this one now I have had it in my collection. A real gem!

So many lovely new bold red shades to choose from, all lovely polishes which I would highly recommend. The perfect additions to your red polish collection!



Naeem Khan Fall 2012 Collection

Which out of my New Season Reds – my favourite red polish shades for A/W15 would you wear? What is your favourite holy grail bold red polish shade?

Let me know your thoughts down below in the comments.