New Nails Inc Spring 2016 Nail Polish Launches and Collections



Today we are throwing the spotlight on new Nails Inc Spring 2016 Nail Polish Launches and Collections. I say that, this post is more of an amalgamation of their recent launches from their polish lines which I haven’t featured due to my blog break. My bad, I am a tad behind blogging about these! Although I feel these launches are worth a few minutes of your time!

Nails Inc genuinely have always featured highly in my collection, even before I began blogging all things polish. I have especially enjoyed using their more recent polish formulations, using their superfood and anti-oxidant enriched nail offerings. So it comes as no surprise that I’m interested in what other beneficial ingredients they can add into their polishes.


Nails Inc Spring 2016 Nail Polish Launches and Collections


The new additions to their Gel Effect range infuse Coconut Water within some of their more fashion forward polish shades within their Spring/Summer Coconut Brights collection.

I really fancy all these fantastically bright shades! I’m glad they’ve finally added some nail loving ingredients into the Gel Effect formula, as it such a great and easy to apply polish.

Favourites of mine from their Coconut Brights shades include Portobello Terrace – a beautiful bold sky blue and Charlotte Villas – a tomato toned orange. I adore these shades and absolutely  perfect for Summer, you should definately make space in your collection!




Another recent launch is their Sweet Almonds collection, bringing extra nourishment to your nails. This polish formula used in this range harnesses the power of Sweet Almond Oil within the base of the polish, along with powerful anti-oxidant Matcha powder. A real unstoppable combo to boost your nails health!


Nails Inc Spring 2016 Nail Polish Launches and Collections


These 4 Sweet Almond nail boosting shades (pictured below) are so pretty too, making excellent transitional shades for you to pop into your nail wardrobe and care for your nails! For me the shades Mayfair Market – a coppery rose gold and Gloucester Crescent – a dusky mid toned blue are both really calling to me, I just have to pick up those!





Another launch is their revolutionary Paint Can Spray Can Nail Polish, which if I’m honest initially I was a little dubious of. I did wait a long while before even considering picking up this item, just in case this product was a complete waste of time. I have read mixed reviews about this spray can formula and the 2 original colours the paint can launched with were not my cup of tea, so I held back from trialling this product.


Nails Inc Spring 2016 Nail Polish Launches and Collections


I briefly sampled the Paint Can in Mayfair Lane at a Nails Inc counter on my dominant right hand, just to get a feel for the product. Overall I found for the longevity I would want to acheive in a manicure, this product would not work for me in a standard wear time that I am used to. I will stick with their regular polish formula for now.




However I do appreciate the theory behind the product and the time saving aspect. This product is an amazing idea, whether or not this really works first time around in this current formulation, really it’s by the by. This product will be developed, improved and eventually one day may even be the future of how we apply our nail polish!



Another even more current launch is their Collagen Collection, another line infused goodness for the nails! This is a very recent launch, I am yet to get all the specifics for this collection!

The Collagen line covers all your nails needs and includes a Collagen Ridge Filling Base, Overnight Detox Mask with Collagen, Conceal & Reveal Tinted Coat with Light Reflectors, a 45 Second Top Coat with Collagen along with 2 colour shades infused with Collagen.


Nails Inc Spring 2016 Nail Polish Launches and Collections


From what I have read this collection is being officially launched on QVC, at midnight on the 30th March in a TSV (Today’s Special Value). I would definately be inclined to pick this collection to trial the anti ageing effects of using collagen on your nails!  Plus with QVC’s 30 day money back guarantee, I can give it a try and return if my efforts are not successful with a full refund.


I have to give the brand kudos, all the other mainstream polish brands are not offering anything ground breaking in either polish formulations and application techniques. Yet Nails Inc are a maverick in the polish world, bringing spray on nail polish to the market. They are clearly looking to the future, with their finger on the polish pulse for the kinds of polish products to meet our needs.



If you would like to pick up the Nails Inc Sweet Almonds Collection and Spray Can Paint Can Range, both are now available at Nails Inc’s website. Nails Inc’s Coconut Brights Collection is currently available at HQHair online. 





What are your thoughts on Nails Inc’s Spring 2016 nail launches? Anything catching your attention? Have you tried any of these polishes, what do you think of them?

Share you thoughts down in the Comments below, I’d love to know what you think.