We are just over half way through my month of drugstore/budget nail polish reviews and as ever, I am keen to try the new and unknown. This week it’s the turn of a brand which is also new to me and a brand I was completely unaware of – Flormar!

I discovered it one afternoon by accident, I had nipped into a pharmacy whilst waiting to meet my other half and got completely distracted looking at the Flormar display. It looked relatively new and had an excellent range of makeup products and of course nail polish!




After asking around, I was informed that Flormar has recently relaunched itself back into the Irish market (summer of 2015) and that for this particular pharmacy their expectations had been exceeded with the products. FYI: This was a small local pharmacy, but I gathered the display had gotten some repeat sales from regular customers. I took this comment with a pinch of salt, as the novelty of ‘new’ soon wears off.

After that day, I noticed more and more Flormar displays in various pharmacies and stockists. I realised they were more prominent than I originally thought. I thought why not give it a shot! The polishes looked reasonable and were not the cheapest around, I thought I should at least consider reviewing them.

Just to give you a background of Flormar, it is a Turkish cosmetic company which has been around since the 1970’s and became renowned for their nail polish. They later branched out into a wider range of cosmetics and their cosmetics are now available in over 80 countries, across 4 continents.




This seemed like a brand which has a lot of reach! When I asked friends and family if anyone had heard of this brand, I got numerous responses that they had seen that brand on holiday, on their travels etc etc. One fellow polish fiend recalled their holiday to Turkey, where she visited a Flormar shop and picked up a serious haul of polishes. That was sign, I needed to try these polishes!

Before I picked up anything to test, I did a bit of research to look at their nail items. Looking at their nail lines, they have numerous nail care essentials including strengthening products, cuticle remover, nail oil’s, nail whiteners, nail biting solutions, special top coats and CC nail products. Pretty comprehensive!

As for polish lines, they offer a range of regular, special effect and longwear polish ranges, 11 different ones last time I checked, which covers all your nail looks.



When I checked Flormar’s website, they also had 4 special polish removers, false nails, nail art stickers and nail jewellery.

With so much to chose from, I decided to keep my choices simple for my polish trials and tribulations and opted to test a standard Nail Enamel and a Jelly Look Nail Enamel. Like with all my polish testing, I like to get a feel for formulas and to differentiate between them along with an overall feel for the range.

The majority of polishes are priced at €4.49, including their nail care items. The one exception to this is the Nail Enamel formula, which is priced at €2.99. I wasn’t complaining though, a relative bargain all the same!

In terms of polish formula, the Florimar nail ranges are all 3 Free Formulas, so no need to be concerned with nail polish nasties.


Polish Test 1 – Jelly Look Nail Enamel – Sky Blue JL09




The first formula I decided to try was Flormar’s Jelly Look Nail Enamel in the shade Sky Blue, a lovely cool sky colour. Really pretty and fresh!

My first impressions came from the bottle itself, the brush has a tapered handled paint brush with smooth flat areas on the handle to grip the brush. This is great when painting your nails on flat surfaces or for awkward non dominant hand painting.

The brush itself is wide for easy coverage on the nail plate and brush head has shaped bristles to really fit snug up to the cuticle, making application precise.

The polish itself is supremely glossy and glided over the nail very easily, the colour very pigmented and not streaky after the first coat, even for a jelly type formula.  I let my first coat dry and then went in for another coat of polish. This became opaque with the second coat, with a really supreme gloss and finish. I was very impressed so far. I finished with my usual topcoat and left it to dry.




Overall, my manicure lasted reasonably well. I had minor tip wear by day 3, slight chipping by day 4 and I had good bit of chipping by day 5. I was ready to take it off by then! I will also admit I was pretty hard with my nails within my manicure time frame, which may have affected the chipping I had.


Polish Test 2 – Nail Enamel – Straight Red – 416




The second formula I tried was the standard Nail Enamel formula in the shade Straight Red, a really classic deep glossy sheer red. I have similar shades to this in my stash, just less glossy and more creamy or warm in tone.

The brush handle had the same design as the previous shade I had tried, but the brush itself was a slim brush style. I am generally not keen on these type brushes, but I can work with them just about!

The polish itself was quite a runny formula, but I applied a very thin sheer layer and allowed it to dry. It was a little streaky on the first coat, but layered with another coat, it was then opaque by the second application.

It dried to a reasonable gloss, but not as glossy as the Jelly Look polish I had tried previously. I finished my manicure with my usual top coat and went about my day.




In terms of the durability of the polish, it had similar results to the Jelly Look polish, with slight tip wear by the 2nd day, minor chips by day 3 and by the morning of the 4th day it was looking pretty terrible and I removed it. I had been for a shower and it had made the chipping even worse.


Jelly Look versus Standard Formula Nail Enamels


To compare the two, the Jelly Look Nail Enamel was the winner of this trial. It has an excellent polish formula, with the brush making the application so easy and the shine off the polish was similar to the gel effect polishes currently on the market. An excellent polish for the price too!

I felt the standard formula didn’t work as well but I preferred the colours available in this line. I wish some of the regular Nail Enamel shades were available in the Jelly Look Nail Enamel formula.

I felt the Jelly Look Nail Enamel shades were very bold and more summer shades. I thought this line was lacking in staple or classic shades e.g. Nudes, Red’s or Pale pink shades in this formula.

With nearly €2 difference between the polishes, I thought the standard Nail Enamel polish could have been slightly better quality for the price point. But I also felt that both polishes were in line with other similar products on the market for what you got for what you paid relatively speaking.




My Overall Opinion

I think if I had to choose between Flormar and other budget brands e.g. Catrice, Essence, Barry M etc I would choose the latter. No offence to Flormar, I liked the Jelly Look polish I tried, but I feel you can get the same quality for less money from other budget brands. Although I liked some of the shades in their Jelly Look line and will definately pick some up for the Summer months!




For more information about Flormar please check the Flormar website. For updated stockists where you are, please check Flormar’s Facebook page in the country you live.


Have you tried any Flormar nail products? What was your polish experience? What are your favourite shades? Anything I must try? Let me know your thoughts down in the Comments below.