New Drugstore Nails – Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer



I have been over in Ireland for a year now and one thing I can honestly say is I love the choice of products in the pharmacies and drugstores over here. Being in Dublin, is slightly more cosmopolitan and European, they have so many more ranges available. Be it skincare, makeup and polish, there is so much more choice! In my own makeup stash, I have managed to save some serious pennies by swapping products for cheaper alternatives from brands I have discovered in the last year. I thought it was about time I challenged my own nail polish misconceptions, by changing my polish snob ways and trying some of the cheaper ranges available to me including New Drugstore Nails – Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer!

You can buy a wearable polish for a couple of pounds or euro, which back in my day was unheard of, especially for a quality product. I am always slightly apprehensive trying new ranges, but after hearing lots of good things, it doesn’t take me long to check them out and pop a few items into my basket.

With Catrice’s range of cosmetics, I had initially tried some of their makeup items first, with good results for the price point. So last time I was in my local pharmacy browsing the Catrice stand, I decided to pick up a couple of polishes to test out.


New Drugstore Nails – Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer


I had read good things about the polish ranges with gorgeous limited edition shades, dupes for expensive counterparts, a solid colour range and various trend led ranges within their polish lines. I thought with that level of development within a cosmetic range, I thought it indicated well thought out, quality products.

The range I was drawn to most was their Ultimate Nail Lacquer range, which had a good selection of shades for less than 3 Euro’s a polish. For the price alone, the polish range is amazing, but I felt it was important to try the polishes first and then make my mind up, not be swayed by the price.


New Drugstore Nails – Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer

New Drugstore Nails – Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer


I decided to try one cream polish and a metallic shade polish, just to get a sense of formulas and longevity. I decided to avoid buying their nail care products as I was more interested in trying the colour formulas.


Polish Test No1 – 88 Lilac Satinfaction



The first polish I picked up was 88 Lilac Satinfaction, a very pale lilac satin cream polish with slight silver shimmer running through it. This shade is like nothing I have in my stash and a lovely neutral shade to add into to my collection.

My first impressions of the polish was the lid had a new brush sticker. I opened the bottle and looked at the brush and it had a lovely wide brush, perfect for no hassle application.

I also noted the consistency was thick and creamy, the bottle states apply 2 coats for coverage but sometimes with light colour formulas it can take up to 3 coats for full coverage. I suspect 2 will do the job.

I found application went well, using my usual base coat and I then applied a thin coat of polish. The polish was slightly streaky but I tried to use as minimal polish as possible to really test the coverage. It dried quick enough, within 5 minutes, and I then went on with another coat. Two coats of polish gave complete coverage and I left the polish to completely dry and finished my manicure with my usual top coat.




In terms of durability of the polish, I noticed tip wear within 2 days, slight chipping within 4 days and full chipping by day 5. By the fourth day, I was dying to take it off, but left it on my nails till I couldn’t bare it. The things I do for testing purposes!

I enjoyed wearing the polish, I liked the colour alot! I did wonder if I used this polish on a lesser quality base product and topped with a budget top coat if it would of held up on the nails as long. I must also share with you that my nails were getting a bit to long while wearing this polish which will have affected the wear time.


Polish Test No2 – 102 London Town At Sundown




The second polish I tested was the shade 102 London Town At Sundown – a smoked out red metallic, really beautiful autumnal shade. This smoky ruby metallic shade isn’t like anything similar in my collection, a perfect addition to my stash.

The brush and formula consistency was the same as the other polish I had tried. I was relieved! I hoped this would hopefully mean full coverage in 2 coats also.
I feel with drugstore metallic type polishes from my own experience, the polish formula is sometimes thinner and lacking pigment in one coat and extremely brush strokey if you are not careful with application. You can see why I was wary!

I found application was good, the formula was excellent, the pigment in the polish was rich and very opaque on the first coat of polish. The wider brush helped avoid brush strokes and I was able to get good coverage on the nail with three brush strokes. The polish dried quickly being a metallic shade, so I was able to finish my manicure that bit quicker. I applied two coats of colour and my usual topcoat and went about my day.




I found the polish lasted longer than the previous Catrice manicure. In terms of polish durability, I got tip wear by the fourth day, slight chipping by the sixth day and full chipping by a weeks wear.

I will stress I had trimmed my nails down in this manicure. My nails had grown extremely long, like talons long. I had accidentally scratched my arm in my sleep, so I knew it was time to take some length off them.

I felt if my nails were longer it may have shortened the wear time of this manicure slightly, but I was still impressed with the formula, application and wear of the product. Not bad for a polish less that 3 euro’s!

My Overall Opinion

To round up this post, I felt quite impressed with the small collection of Catrice nail polishes I had tried.

For the price point they worked quite well, I was impressed with the formula, colour selections and various lines they had in range. I have probably had worse polish experiences with brands which are nearly double the price of the Catrice polishes. This goes to show quality can vary from brand to brand and price really has nothing to do with it alot of the time.

I wish my collection wasn’t as big as I could have probably picked up more shades to test out. In future, if I found other interesting and unique shades to add to my collection, I would definitely pick up some more.

I have plans to track down some of polishes from their recent limited edition collections and give them a try in future.




Have you tried Catrice Nail Polishes, what was your experience? What are your favourite Catrice polish shades? Let me know in the Comments down below.