Nail oil seems to be an absolute staple in my nail care routine, I am currently using OPI’s Avoplex Nail and Cuticle Replenishing Oil which contains penetrating Avocado oil. This oil is rich in proteins, vitamins, and phospholipids – essential for nail and skin health. Even in my handbag nail oil I also use, there is Avocado Oil plus Sunflower, Sesame and Kukui oils and the antioxidant Vitamin E. All these oils sound rather pleasing and natural!

There is definitely something in these oils, they are providing me with excellent results, all derived from nuts and plants but infused with other skin loving goodies.

I guess we must look to the science behind them to see how they work. Most of these manufactured nail oils contain an array of these natural oils which, these days, we have at our very fingertips – a few clicks away.

With this in mind, we could save ourselves some pennies and buy more readily available, cost effective and pure natural oils to improve our nails.

Here are my four favourite natural oils, perfect as a natural alternatives to nail oil.



Coconut oil is probably the most readily available oil, sold now in most supermarkets in varying qualities but still very good to use. This is probably the most versatile oil, in fact it can be used all over the body, for hair, skin and nails.

Coconut oil is often referred to as “the healthiest oil on earth,” it contains essential proteins along with capric and lauric acids which fight wrinkles. Used on hair it protects and nourishes and penetrates the hair shaft.

It’s also one of the richest source of MCFAs (medium-chain fatty acids) and is easily absorbed by the body, strengthening your skin’s connective tissues, a perfect oil to get lasting moisture into your hands and nails.



Argan oil is probably the latest natural oil treatment fad on the scene, but in Morocco it has been used for hundreds of years to treat ailments such as dry skin, acne, ageing and pre-mature wrinkles.

It also helps joints and the pain associated with them. Eva Mendez apparently swears by the stuff!

Argan oil is apparently richer in Vitamin E than olive oil, a key nutrient needed for healthy nails and skin. It is also packed with those good fatty acids making it one of natures best natural moisturisers!

Next time you pop an Argan type oil on your tresses, think about your nails.  They would love some of that Argan oil based goodness!



Almond oil is nutrient rich nut oil containing vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E, perfect for healthy skin, scalp and hair types. This oil has anti-ageing properties which naturally and visibly plump, fill and moisturise your skin.

Another highly packed nut oil, full of fatty acids, it deeply moisturises, soothes and nourishes skin.

Almond oil contains high levels of potassium and zinc which improve nail strength, another perfect natural nail oil to pick up.



Grape seed oil is another natural oil wonder! This oil is used in many hand and nail care products, a common ingredient that packs a lot of punch! It is lightweight, almost odourless oil, which is easily absorbed into the skin and used by masseuses for body massage.

It is non greasy and protects skin from premature ageing and conditions hair, skin and nails. Apparently Emma Stone is a big fan of Grape Seed oil so it must be good stuff, she always looks fab!


If you want to try any of these natural nail oil alternatives, the above oils are available in most local pharmacies, good health food stores or alternatively online.

These products are also a lot cheaper in the long run than buying actual nail oils, although I tend to use them more at home for convenience.


Have you tried any of these oils? What were your results?

Have you got any other oils you swear by which are not featured in the post?  Care to share?

Let me know in the comments.