I have avoided putting endless holiday collections up on the blog, it is too easy to do. I find with the majority of holiday collections, there tends to be a lot of repetition in colours. Most collections have the usual reds, glitters and metallic shades, dupes a plenty in my already bulging polish collection! Except for the Nars Steven Klein Holiday 2015 Nail Polish Collection, which is an usual exception to the rule!

I always feel if I am going to invest in a collection, I should at least get something unique, rather than something I can buy a cheaper dupe of from the drugstore.


Nars Steven Klein Holiday 2015 Nail Polish Collection


Of any of the holiday polish collections this year, the one that really made me swoon is the Nars Steven Klein Holiday 2015 Collection. I feel it really ticks all the boxes. I thought Chanel had my heart with their Rouge Noir Collection, but beyond the rose tone metallic and gold lame top coat, my love affair was short lived. I still really like that collection, but after seeing Nars latest offering you will understand why.

The three shades begin with Hard to Get, a khaki, gunmetal toned metallic, which almost looks olive in certain lights but changes to a shimmering golden khaki when light hits it. This shade is very autumnal and perfect with key colour trends of the moment. It has an air of boldness and a grunge like quality. A unique shade which I am yet to find a cheaper dupe of.





My favourite of the three, Black Fire, is a blue toned grey, almost slate coloured polish with a slight silver shimmer running through it, which gives it a slight textured finish. This shade is the more muted of the trio but I feel is the most expensive looking and a more desirable deep blue varnish. In my own collection I have nothing like this shade, so it’s a must!




The last shade, Night Creature, is a muted violet purple metallic, almost like a cooler toned cadbury wrapper. This shade is much brighter than the other shades and I feel the cool metallic tone makes it a touch more wearable purple. I always feel especially with vibrant warm toned metallic shades, on my own pale skin tone, can look not right and slightly unbalanced. After testing this on my nail a few times I would be keen to try a whole manicure.




The formula of these polishes is on the thinner side overall so when you swatch or pick up, do not be alarmed at this. I found 3 thin coats did the trick and they lasted beautifully on my nails with base and top coat.

I love the unique, rich looking shades in this collection, they are the perfect excuse to treat yourself or have someone else treat you. Santa, I hope you are reading this!

But if you are like me, on a general polish ban unless it is an essential, this is a limited edition collection. So it maybe something you need to consider picking up sharpish if you like the look of it. It’s either that or before you know it you can only avail of it on eBay for extortionate prices. The polishes are very sophisticated shades, definitely worth a splurge on!

I have visited my local Nars counter on a regular basis since they announced this collection. When they became available at Nars counters, I swatched the polishes numerous times and admired my randomly painted pinkies. Maybe longer than I care to remember, at least a good month before I considered picking them up. The polishes are £15 each,  so they are a pricier polish.  So they are my Christmas treat to myself, why not!

I am yet to finder cheaper dupes of any of these polishes unfortunately. I know, for the price, they are a considered purchase, (especially for the whole collection.) I would love the look for a lot less!


If I find any dupes, I will update this post, so please check back from time to time or if you find any dupes please comment below.  I would love to know for future reference.


The Nars Steven Klein Holiday 2015 Nail Polish Collection is available now online or at Nars Counters worldwide if you would like to get your hands on the polish collection.


What do you think of the Nars Steven Klein Holiday 2015 Nail Polish Collection? Any favourite shades?

Do you have any other favourite and recommended polishes from this years holiday collections worth checking out? 

Let me know your thoughts and suggestions down below in the Comments.