For me, the look of a unfussy polished nail always looks good, they are barely there, neat and tidy. Perfect minimum fuss manicure, the nails filed and carefully maintained, it gives enough shine to look like they have been cared for, yet not glaring with bright or dark polish colour. The perfect naked nail look manicure!


What is the Naked Nail Look Manicure?

For some of us, nail art or gel manicures are not really an option, clean naked looking nails which are neat and tidy are the way to go! This look I embrace from time to time, mainly when I am looking to give my nails a break from colour or if I am short for time and want a polished look. I still feel most of us embrace this nail trend at some point, caring more about the nail care side of things rather than achieving a bold colour statement. This post discusses a few lovely options to achieve this naked nail look manicure at home, with a few key products to add to your repertoire. 


Base/ Foundation

naked nail look manicure

If you are looking to give your nails some TLC, I would recommend firstly using your chosen nail treatment of choice in, whichever form you are currently using.

I love Nails Inc’s Nailkale Superfood Basecoat and wouldn’t be without. It dries clear and leaves nails feeling strong and protects them on no nail colour days.

Alternatively try Essie’s All in One basecoat, for a super charged base that finishes with pristine gloss.


naked nail look manicure


For glossy natural nails, the choice is clear with a shiney top coat. Consider Sally Hansen’s Mega Shine Top Coat or Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Top Coat, for lush shine to bring up your own natural nails.



Colour, Care or Both?

naked nail look manicure

If you are looking to add more colour into your manicure you go for a more sheer tinged polish option.

Orly’s BB Crème for nails might be for you, this polish is a multipurpose nail treatment that moisturises, whitens, creates a smooth nail surface and also protect the nails from UV exposure.

I think this is why it’s described as BB crème, all things for all nails. Applied onto naked nails, it is a sheer peachy pink which leaves a delicate sheen and makes nails look very healthy.

naked nail look manicure


Alternatively if you want colour and strength, why not try OPI’s Nail Envy with colour, which now comes in a variety of shades, a perfect option for that quick manicure.

My favourite shades are Samoan Sand and Bubble Bath, two lovely pinky nude neutrals, perfect for everyday wear.


naked nail look manicure

For a lovely sheen to the nail for just a hint of sparkle on the nails, try some of Leighton Denny’s polishes in Sugar & Spice and Butterfly Wings for that something something on the nail.


Nourish Your Nails!


naked nail look manicure

For this low key look there are no excuses not to top it off with a nourishing nail oil.

My favourites are OPI’s Avoplex Nourishing Nail and Cuticle Oil – my go to nail oil by my bedside or in my handbag on the go.

Another deliciously scented drugstore option is Essie’s Apricot Cuticle Oil. Just the smell alone I love and leaves the nails looking soothed and nourished.



Whichever polish look from these you end up going for, the overall look of a more naked nail with the less is more approach, just works, especially on hands.

Hand nails just look more elegant and refined when they’re wearing a little less.





What are your favourite polishes for a less is more look? What are your perfect Naked Nail Look Manicure shades?
Let me know your thoughts and suggestions down below in the Comments.