Of any brand recently, Nails Inc have a whole new flurry of polish range releases which all have caught my eye. For me it isn’t the colour selections that have called to me but the actual concepts for the products themselves that have intrigued me and make these products stand out.


The first range I am excited about is the Nailkale Nailbright range, which has been in development for over year. This range initially launched their Nailkale Illuminator and Superfood Basecoat, and were to products I really liked.

The new products added to the line are two new Nailkale Nailbright polishes to the range, in different shades.



Both of the NailBright NailKale shades: Knightsbridge Mews, a peach shade and Chelsea Embankment Mews – the pink shade, both have a unique finish which is across between a glossy and matte finish.

I feel the most defining feature is the beautiful pearlescent finish that makes your nails look bright and glow from within. This for me the selling point of the polish!

The polish formula is infused with bee pollen, which help nails glow and look healthy. Bee collected pollen is full of protein, vitamins and folic acid, along with kale extract, which is a hardworking anti-oxidant known to protect and strengthen the nail.

All of the polishes in the Nails Inc NailKale range also have exclusive Regenerating Complex which comprises of a blend of Zinc, Calcium and Aldehyde. These together, boost keratin production to make your nails stronger.

With one or two coats it adds a subtle wash to your nails, or you could even use it on top of another polish for a pretty pearl-effect finish. Try layering 4 or 5 coats to get an opaque finish as this method really lasts well on the nails.

If you like a naked nail manicure or you are not allowed to wear nail polish, these will add a very discreet shade whilst caring for them too. If you like these looks, this polish is for you!

This duo is currently available from QVC and is priced at £22.00 plus postage.


Another polish range launching and currently exclusive to QVC, is Nails Inc’s new Multivitamin formula which help make nails harder and stronger and promote a healthy look.


They feature the brand’s patented Regenerating Complex. This is a two-fold aldehyde, zinc and calcium blend which is enriched with a complex blend of vitamins B5, C and E, hence why is described as a multivitamin formula.

I imagine this polish would work similarly to the Nailkale formula with added multivitamins, which isn’t a bad thing, the nailkale formula works a treat!

Currently with minimal shades only available at QVC, I am waiting to try a broader spectrum of shades. I bought a set which cost £36 with the two multivitamin shades currently available, along with other Nails Inc products. It was an absolute bargain (my basecoat was also in the set so together was a steal!)

Yet it left me a bit impatient, I am excited to try the rest of the range, hopefully launching within the month.


Nails Inc is also launching a professional-only range, which founder Thea Green said will meet growing demand for salon-exclusive products.



The Nails Inc Pro range will launch with 24 colour polishes, a base coat with optical brighteners and a gel-effect top coat. There will also be two treatment products, a Ridge Filler and Nail Strengthener.

New ingredients in the pro line include volcanic glass to help extend wear and a new polymer complex for flexibility. Bottles will feature a new brush, a more tapered version of Nails Inc’s flat wide brush with extra bristles to give professionals better control.

The polishes have been designed to give the longevity and shine of gel without the need for curing, meaning they can be used for express 15-minute manicures in the Nails Inc counters.




“There are a lot of consumers who enjoy the gel service experience but there are things they don’t like about it – the removal process and the time spent in salon,” said Green. “This is great for someone who wants something fast.”
The range, which Green described as a “supercharged” version of the brand’s best-selling consumer line, Gel Effect Polish, will launch into Sally’s stores this month, so keep your eye out.




All of these ranges are exciting prospects to say the least. I will be excited especially for the Salon Pro range which I am wondering how it will compare to the standard formulas.

Once I have tried all the formulas in the post, I will report back.

Are you excited to try any of these ranges?
Have you tried any of these formulas? Did you like them?
What are your thoughts on Nails Inc’s current polish ranges?

Let me know in the comments.