There is nothing worse than going about your daily business and having a nail disaster, struggling with no tools and having to make do, grin and bare it until you get home. Catching nails on things, breaking nails, developing raggedy nail edges, chipping and flaking, dry cuticles and hangnails. We have all been there!

On my quest for maintained healthy nails, I discovered having a little kit for useful handy products on the go is the best thing. Even if you don’t feel you have the space for this in your handbag, even a selection of these items in your drawer or locker at work will save you from nail nightmares. In my own pouch, I have a selection of these items and depending on what I am up to, change it up and mix and match products.



In my pouch firstly is some nail polish remover pads. My favourite pads are Boots Moisturising Nail Polish remover pads (pictured above) which are compact, convenient and formulated with good polish remover which doesn’t dehydrate your nail. Perfect for bad chipping and rectifying small chips if you get the chance to re-apply.


Another item perfect for the nail pouch is a mini manicure set like this Leighton Denny one pictured above. Personally, I tend to only use a couple of the tools from these sets on the go. In my own pouch, I tend to take clippers and scissors which are handy for major nail breakages. I tend to use block files in my nail kit, as they are light weight and are less likely to break. My mini Leighton Denny crystal nail file broke in my handbag, so now I leave all crystal files safe at home.


If you are a person (like me) who tends to use their bag like Mary Poppins, who has everything and anything, just in case. Kitchen sink would be the term for my bag! But you never know when you might need a pair of scissors!

imageI am currently using the Boots 6 Way File and Buffer in my nail kit. It has 6 different grits for different purposes and is an inexpensive item to replace if lost or damaged.

It tends to last a long time in my handbag too with occasional use and works well considering the price point.

imageA travel sized cuticle treatment is a must in your bag, in either pen or balm form, to nourish the nail area on the go. My favourite is OPI’s Avoplex Cuticle Oil to Go (pictured above), a perfect sized amount to pop into your hand bag and is a good quality oil to use to top up your cuticles. No7 do a similar product from Boots if you are after a budget handbag sized product.


imageHand cream is also key in your nail pouch, especially in the colder months to top up moisture levels in your hands and nails. Handy mini size hand cream is a must, whatever your preference of formulation.

My favourite nourishing hand cream is L’occitane’s Mini Shea Butter Hand Cream (pictured above), the cream is that bit thicker and a rich formula and shea butter penetrates into the skin leaving it soft and supple.


imageFor a non greasy formula I like La Roche Posay Lipikar Xerand hand cream (pictured above) which is a great consistancy and melts into the hands and leaving no residue and has a pleasant scent.

I tend to go between these two hand creams depending on how dry and sensitive my hands get, but both work well.





Travel sized polishes are handy if you travel frequently or holiday often. I like the double ended polish products with colour on one side and topcoat on the other.

L’oreal have these polish duo’s (pictured above) along with Revlon at the drugstore to pick up, along with Leighton Denny if you are after a higher end alternative. These duo’s are economical with space and reasonably priced, perfect for on the go!



The last thing on the nail care on the go kit is a pouch to put it all in, which depending on your own makeup bag collection can be as big or as small as you like, its all personal to you. Depending on your own needs you could probably amalgamate items into one larger bag for both nailcare and makeup items. I find personally a bigger kit with everything in a bit bulky for smaller handbag styles.

I currently use a very small zip up pouch from H&M, which is a fairly flat design, perfect for slotting into the smallest of bags. H&M tend to release new designs of the same size pouch each season which are very affordable. Perfect for makeup on the go too.

imageMy current pouch is starting to look a bit battered so I am currently looking to invest in a more hardwearing option. This design from Whistles (pictured above) took my fancy.

It is made from leather and looks a lot more durable and stylish at the same time.




Well that was my nailcare handbag saviours, items which in some cases save me from all kinds of torture. I jest!


Is there anything missing in my kit? Any items worth picking up or cheaper alternatives?

Let me know what you think and share down below in the comments.