Nail Trends for 2016 – The Crossover


As we have literally crossed into another year, it’s that time to start looking at the new seasonal nail trends and what to apply to our nails. Like with all nail trends, take what you want from this post. I always think some of these fashion looks look great on the catwalks and in press, but put into reality it doesn’t always work.

But what I like about this concept is the fact you can begin with the most neutral of looks, and end with a splash of high fashion by the time your manicure is complete. You can be as creative as you like with this look.

The focus of this post is The Crossover, its origins lie from the All and Nothing looks we have been seeing on faces and nails the last few seasons. A big hit for makeup trends for SS16, these looks have now been brought together into the one nail look.


MAC's SS16 Trend Presentation Images


For the nails, Marian Newman, top celebrity and fashion manicurist and all round amazing woman, discussed how the ‘All’ and ‘Nothing’ trends are crossed over together at MAC’s SS16 trend presentations (see image above.)


Marian Newman (left) giving a model a manicure


For the base of this look, you need a really nude almost nothing on the nail shade. I prefer a sheer nude or a YNBB (Your nails but better) shade is perfect for this. This is where the ‘Nothing’ part of look begins.

You would then layer above the base polish with some embellishment in either glitter, stones or small painted details, to create a bolder look. This is where you can experiment with texture and unique nail art to really add something to your manicure. This brings the ‘All’ look to the manicure, which in turn, creates The Crossover.




Like the negative space manicure looks, you need some space on the nail to see the difference between the two opposite looks.

Newman also suggested matching nail colours to the eyes, another look which has become popular this last season.



The colour and finish on the nails is also more prominant, especially with the ‘Nothing trend’. For another modern take, apply 3 or 4 coats of glossy lacquer or top coat above the look, to create a perspex or underwater effect.




I think for a more everyday look you could really pair this back, with just a small florish. For a bolder look, use strong colours and interesting shapes to create a more graphic style with some bold colours. I think for a more high fashion manicure this is quite do-able at home. All that is needed is some patience and time to achieve the look. I may give it a whirl one of these days.


What do you think of the Crossover? Would it be a look that would grace your nails this year? Let me know in the Comments.