Nail Polish Storage Options


I was just doing some blog maintenance the other day, organising posts etc and noticed one of my first posts from the beginning of the year that needed updating – New Years Nail Resolutions. I was just thinking the other day how has it already been 4 months since New Year. It’s just crazy where the time goes! I just wanted to check in and just see how are we all doing this year? Have your managed to keep to any New Years Resolutions or  goals?

Anyway, I thought by making resolutions online, I would adhere to them and they would somehow stick. I feel the majority of my resolutions are being addressed, I am trying to consciously keep them in mind, focusing on them often as I can. Kinda like a nail polish mantra! The only resolution which needed some attention was my stash, it desperately needed sorting with proper storage and organisation.

My current stash area is a pain, I am forever rooting through polishes to find certain shades. My only organised parts of the stash are my shopping my stash shades which I leave out to remember to use them, along with my travel mini sized polishes and my manicure essentials. These I store in two seperate bags in dressing table drawers, not ideal! I hate storing my polishes in anyway other than upright as I’ve had way too many stuck polish bottle tops in my time. The rest are stored in plastic cases, big and bulky affairs with no organisation – a right nightmare!

With the other half of my stash at home, I need somewhere for them to be properly housed, getting some storage and organisation sorted toot sweet before I bring the rest over! I just hate the thought of them sat idle in my bedroom in England, gathering dust, possibly thickening and wasting away! The horror!




In terms of storing my polishes, there are several avenues I could go down to remedy my predicament.

Nail polish wall racks always look fantastic with your polishes out on display, a perfect reminder of what you have too. Unfortunately these are currently a no go for me with my current living arrangements. I find most polish racks available online too small for my collection. I worry if I chose to use wall racks to store my polishes, the polish formula of all my fave shades may deteriorate with natural light. Another big no no! I had similar thoughts on shelves and shelving units also for this reason.

I also had idea’s of apothecary style drawers, which I could house all my makeup, hair bits and polishes all in one place. A beauty blogger’s dream, I liked this idea of these, but realistically the size of actual drawers were way too deep in most instances. With the drawers not shallow enough to properly organise polishes without wasting loads of space, it put me off this option. Especially with these items being the size they are, I wouldn’t want to waste gaps of room in tops of apothecary drawers!




I noticed for decent quality and solid wood styles, they are generally quite large pieces of furniture, way too big for the space I have available in my flat. My current drawers can’t withstand too much polish weight either, so really solid wood apothecary drawers would be the way to go, making it a more expensive option (the ones pictured above are eyewateringly expensive, way out of my price range at the moment!) I have been eyeing up these beauties since Vivianna Does Makeup posted this image above a while back. I think I may consider investing in apothecary drawers when my current living arrangements change, and obviously save up! But till then it’s a pass.


Looking to something smaller, acrylic polish organisers/stands was another storage method I wanted to consider. I already use acrylic storage within my own dressing table just for convenience, using them for mostly makeup bits. The positive is these items are much more available these days, I think I picked one up in Tiger not so long ago. I use my Tiger acrylic organiser to group Shopping My Stash polish shades, although I find it get’s dusty so easily. I am a lazy girl and I think I would get fed up of even more dusting if I got larger versions of this for my stash. I think another pass!



After exhausting all possible ways of storing polishes, the only sane idea left was picking up a Helmer from Ikea. I think I like this method the best. The hemer drawers shallow enough to fit my polishes, other nail care bits and bobs along with anything else in my kit. The polishes stored in Helmer’s keep away sunlight, possible dust, heat and cold, extending your life of your polish collection. I also like the fact metal solid drawers are able to withstand more weight, a perfect polish storage solution.

I also like the flat pack nature of Ikea purchases, putting myself to the test, learning how it put it together to then be able to take it apart when need be. Of all the polish storage solutions, this was the one which seemed the most viable.

Now I just need to try and convince the boyfriend for a day out to Ikea to pick up a Helmer, the next challenge!



What are your thoughts on polish organisation and storage? What is your current set up at the moment/how are you storing yours? What would you change in your own organisation and storage? Let me know in the Comments down below.