I love a good magazine freebie anytime, especially if you are anything like me and consume most magazines within an hour of picking them up. But nail polish freebies, especially good polish freebies, I adore. I picked up some Leighton Denny shades last month, free with Harpers Bazaar magazine, which were all lovely shades.

It gave me the idea why not update nail polish fanatics with what current magazine nail polish freebies are on offer in my blog. Makes sense! If it was the other way around I would want to know.



Half the time, I walk right past the magazines in shops and supermarkets, unless I am picking up my usual magazine picks. So to get any heads up on nail polish steals, especially when you are just paying a few euro or pounds for a magazine is nothing in the scheme of things.

Perfect too if you are on a budget or want to try a polish range, without forking out the full price tag!

I picked up my usual Glamour magazine and had completely forgotten that Nails Inc was collaborating with them this month, giving away a free polish with the issue.


Last years selection of free Nails Inc Polishes with Glamour magazine


I have picked up Nails Inc Glamour magazine freebies in the past and always thought they were brilliant even before I got into polish and building up my collection. For the price of the magazines and the selections of polishes available, usually works out to be excellent value.




I still have several in my collection, all lasting well, with no difference in the quality of the formula compared with polishes you would buy in-store or from one of their Nails Inc counters.

I checked out the available free polish selections, to find the shade polish I wanted, and went away pleased with my freebie.

I shade I initially picked up was Grosvenor Crescent, a super glossy deep aubergine colour. This is a shade I already own in the gel effect formula, and get the wear out of fairly frequently.

Plus it’s nice to have a backup ready! I always wear this shade when we are in the cooler months.

Nails Inc Grosvenor Crescent Gel effect polish swatch


After going away with my polish swag, I realised why not go back and get the other shades I like. It made perfect sense. So I picked up the other two pronto!

The second shade, Colville Mews, a delicate creamy nude shade, another favourite of mine from Nails Inc.

I already had a backup of this shade but for the price was like, why not! I would always wear this neutral shade.


Nails Inc Colville Mews swatch


The third polish I picked up was Victoria & Albert, my go-to red at the moment. It was another polish I had no issue contemplating picking up.

Nails Inc Victoria & Albert swatch


I mainly picked up this shade to compare the difference between the Nailkale and standard formulas of this shade, an experiment I plan to conduct at some point.

The three shades are polishes I know and love, so it made complete financial sense to bag them at the price.

The other shade available is Notting Hill Gate, a creamy neon pink shade.


Nails Inc Notting Hill Gate swatch


This polish I have had in my collection before, but gave away to a friend. For me it is such a bright shade, I think I only wore it once! Way to out there for me! I gave it a miss this time around.

The 4 polishes together are worth £44 together (£11 each separately), but free with magazine are only £8 together combined. A complete bargain! If you are a polish addict like me, definitely get these while you can if you like the look of these shades.

Free Nail Polishes available with this month edition of Glamour Magazine


Available now in good newsagents, supermarkets and shops, you have no excuse not to get at least one bargain polish this month. Plus with a free mag to read whilst doing your bargain manicure. It’s a win win!

This months Glamour magazine is available from the 5th October 2015 and retails at £2.



FYI: Ellie Goulding is on the cover if you need help to navigate your way through your local newsagents or supermarket magazine stand.


What do you think of these polish freebies?
Any take your fancy?
Do you have any polish shades that you received free with a magazine that you love?

Let me know in the comments.