The last few weeks we have been in a serious transitional period, between the seasons of weather and fashion (both the collections on the catwalk and the high street), there is a clear change. We tend to walk around colour blind to it most of the time, I know I definitely was.

Like the scene in the film, The Devil Wears Prada, where Miranda Priestly tells Andi all about the shade Cerulean Blue. She tells her how she picked that shade and Andi stands right in front of her wearing that shade, months and months later. These shades we pick up, probably without too much thought, all derive from fashion editors and the designers using them in their collections.
With that thought in mind, I started looking at the key indicators of what we will wearing in the coming months. I have scoured fashion magazines, absorbed catwalk shows and began studying the clothing which is being drip fed into stores currently at the end of the season.
If you are interested in what happened this last season, Pantone’s Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Colour Report is an interesting watch on Youtube and you can see all the colours explained.

Click here to visit the Pantone Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Colour Report website here

This, in a way, is a bit of an experiment as Pantone’s own Autumn/Winter Fashion Colour Report is due around September time so it will be interesting to see if I have been right. Stay tuned for that folks.
From what I have seen on the catwalks the main focus of colour has been quite warm and cool natural and earthy tones in a range of warmer and cooler muted hues. There has also been a lot of texture too, velvet, fur, patchwork, crochet, suede, lace details, mirrored embellishment and animal/leopard print. A really interesting mix altogether. It will be interesting to see how all these shades and textures will translate into nail polishes.

The colours however are so varied, I could be here all day describing all the shades.  I decided by spliting the various families of colours into a tonal blog post series, so they are that bit more digestible for the colour palette.

Within the last month, many of the larger nail polish brands have also brought out their polish colour collections for Fall, Autumn to us brits.

If you are shopping around for new releases, check out my Autumn/Winter 2015 Nail Polish Shopping/Wishlist for current offerings. I had planned this series of blogposts prior to new releases. Many of the new polish collections feature some of the trends seen on the catwalk and colours featured.
Stay tuned this coming week for more to come on polish picks to help you get ahead of the game.

Tomorrows shades – Warmer Toned Darks and Brights.

Any predictions for key colours next season? What are your favourite shades for Autumn/Winter?

Let me know in the comments.