Nail New Years Resolutions



Happy New Year to you all. I hope you had a wonderful festive period and you have begun the New Year revived and refreshed from the break.

Now I hate to begin the year with negativity, but I like everyone on the 1st of January, I tend to dwell on the things I would like to change through the coming year.

imageI will spare you the bulk of my actual resolutions – the ones we tend to make and usually break. I thought whilst writing this blog post it might be a good opportunity to make some resolutions of the nail variety.


The Resolutions 


Now I am fortunate my nails are healthy and are in good shape, which is a blessing. I still need to keep it that way this year– this is resolution number one!


My second resolution is to ensure my polish collection is finally reunited with me in its entirety. Like I have said in several posts in the past, I only have half on my collection over here in Ireland. I would really love to have it all here, it would be a blessing. I am stopping myself from doing a lot of nail polish shopping purely because I am afraid I will end up with dupes of shades I already own. This I will endeavour to sort in 2016.


My third resolution ties in with my second, which is to finally get some organisation for my polish collection sorted. I am hoping one of these days I can actually store my polishes in one, neat organised place and finally get the benefit out of all the polishes I own.  A trip to Ikea to get a helmer is happening in the near future!


My fourth resolution is to shop my stash. A concept you have probably heard every blogger and youtuber say a million times, but I am feeling that constantly buying new this and that isn’t very good. The initial feeling of buying something is great, but it is much better to have a collection of more considered purchases rather than impulse polishes.

The thing with having a collection is just that, collecting! I appreciate my current collection and I want to get the benefit of having it. I would like to use and appreciate all the lovely shades I own. Obviously if I see something new and amazing of course I will try my best to pick it up. I will however be using a one in one out polish policy for this reason! This of all the resolutions is one I am taking very seriously.


My fifth and final nail resolution, the one I hope to focus my attention on in 2016 is my blog, making it bigger and better. Number one priority is improving the site itself and the content that goes with it. I want to definitely improve the quality of my images too.

There was a quick run down on my 5 nail new years resolutions.

Things I want to improve and achieve in 2016. I hope by this time next year I will have all these things sorted or in the works.




FYI: January is budget/ drugstore themed on my blog, so I plan to cover more budget options in my posts.

I plan to do weekly posts covering budget nail ranges, products to build your drugstore nail starter kit, and the best nail brands for colour and nailcare from the drugstore. I will also post how-to’s to re-invent your nail looks for less.

If you have any budget brands you would like me to review, let me know in the Comments below.

What are you nail new years resolutions? Share down in the Comments below.