Welcome back to the nailcare routine series, here is the second instalment which I feel is very important to achieving that perfect manicure. In this part of my routine we are focussing our attention on cuticle removal, dehydrating the nail bed and laying the foundation for colour.

Cuticle removal doesn’t need to be done more than once or twice a month at most, depending on how fast your own nails grow. This step I would leave out for most of my manicures and only when the cuticle is clearly visible on the nail plate.


imageI like to use Sally Hansen’s Gel Cuticle Remover, left for 10 minutes around the cuticle and gently pushed back, leaves the cuticle in a better state, refreshed and revitalised. A hoof stick or orange wood sticks work well to push the cuticle back although I would advise to take care and be gentle.




Cuticle scissors are only necessary when the cuticles are thick and are not removed with cuticle gel. I would advise anyone who feels they need to use these on a more regular basis to learn how to properly. Next time you are going to a professional you trust, get them to show you how to use these correctly.




After washing your hands thoroughly, use a nail brush to clean underneath the nails, rinse and then dry the hands carefully paying particular attention to the nail area.

The next step is to dehydrate the nail. I know, it sounds mad, but by removing all moisture from the nail bed, it will allow the polish to properly adhere to the nail. This is a crucial step for longer lasting manicures. All you need to do this is use nail polish remover swiped over the nail with preferably a lint free material. Using a lint free material will stop any dust or fluff ruining your hard work.


imageNext step is basecoat, which ever your preference of formula. My current favourite is Nails Inc’s Nailkale Superfood basecoat, a kale enriched formula which works really well and leaves the nails in excellent condition. For more information about this basecoat check out my review I recently posted which will fill you in on this cracker of a polish.



Come back tomorrow for the final instalment of my nailcare routine series.

What is your favourite brand for cuticle remover and basecoat? Any extra tips to ensure proper cuticle removal?  What are your favourite nail care tools?

Let me know in the comments.