Welcome back to the final steps of my manicure series, where we will be polishing our pinkies, nourishing our hands and nails and generally finishing off our look.

After completing all the previous steps it’s time for colour. Apply your chosen colour, preferably 2 coats for general coverage of most colour formulas. If you are using thinner colour formulas and paler shades, I would advise 3 thin coats of polish.

Take your time with application. On one side of the brush swipe against the rim of the bottle to avoid too much polish on your brush and apply 3 swipes across the nail. Try and pick polishes with wide brushes to give flawless application. Try and apply thin coats if you can and allow a good 5 minutes between coats to allow them to dry properly.

Polish dries from the outside in, so a polish might be touch dry but the layers underneath will still be wet, so be careful not to knock or hit your nails.
We then play the waiting game, leaving adequate time between coats to ensure it is dry is my overall top tip.


imageTop coat is the next step to finish the polish application, giving the extra glossiness and durability to the manicure.

My current pick is Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Topcoat, a glossy 45 second touch dry formula. I am yet to test it’s touch dry capabilities but I am pleased with its formula and longevity.



After applying topcoat I would leave at least an hour, to avoid doing anything too adventurous with your hands to ensure all the layers of polish are dry.

If you really want to perfect your manicure at this point you could go around the cuticle using a fine nail art brush with acetone to tidy up around the cuticle.

Wow we are nearing the end, I promise!

Applying cuticle oil is a good barrier while all of those layers are still drying.

Cuticle oil is the best thing for the nails after this process, it promotes health and growth in the nail area.

My top pick for cuticle oil is OPI’s Avoplex Nail and Cuticle Replenishing Oil which leaves my nails truly nourished and I top it off with a decent hand cream.


My favourite hand creams are the La Roche Posay Lipikar Xerand Hand Repair Cream – a lovely nourishing hand cream for the most sensitive of hands. The cream has a nice non greasy formula, great for everyday use.


Another pick would be L’occitane’s Shea Butter Hand Cream – a more moisturising formula, perfect for night time use or for a more penetrating hydration treatment. Try that hand cream with cotton gloves at night for severely dry hands.


Now the nailcare routine is complete we can admire our lovely hands, it really is that simple.

What are your top tips for getting the perfect manicure? What are your favourite top coats, cuticle oils and hand creams?

Let me know in the comments.