Leighton Denny Tribal Fever Summer 2016 Nail Collection



Ready for a serious pop of colour? These Leighton Denny Tribal Fever Summer 2016 collection nail polishes will not disappoint!  I came across these a while back (I think it was around March time) but to be honest they were just so summery I dismissed them until the sun decided to come out. But now we are into May and the weather is that bit milder I think we can finally sport some seriously bright shades like this!

I kept meaning to post about these but I swear the weather is getting more and more odd, we have snow and hail within the last week. Crazy! I am glad I am finally escaping for a holiday soon enough, a perfect opportunity for trying these seriously bright and gorgeous shades!




This collection is definitely a range of jungle-inpired colours, it transports you to the Amazonian mountains to take a step on the wild side! These shades are not for wallflowers, described in the collections blurb as ‘colours to tame even the wildest tigers, be immersed into sparkling sand dunes with sizzling hot tropical glitter, explore deep into the jungle with waterfall inspired hues and dance to the beat of passion and you’ll be the last one standing with this fabulous tribal inspired range.’

The Tribal Collection wearer is described as ‘Fearless and lawless, Tribal girls know life is all about survival of the fittest. They cannot be tamed or controlled’, sounds like a perfect collection for a girl boss!


Anyway enough about the collection, let’s take a look at the shades!



Skinny Dippin’ – an aqua toned waterfall turquoise blue creme

I won’t list dupes for this shade, I will just refer you to my Ocean Blue Nails post post for options like this shade.





Tiger Tamed – an bright neon chartreuse yellow creme

Illamasqua’s Rare and China Glaze’s Yellow Polka Dot Bikini are similar shades!




Tribal Dance – an bright coral toned passionate pink creme

Essie’s Sunset Sneaks came straight to my mind when I saw this shade, an excellent cheaper dupe.




Desert Rain – an electric royal cobalt blue creme

Dior’s Sailor and OPI’s Blue It Out of Proportion are good matches for this shade.




Queen of the Congo – a bright magenta toned purple creme

As soon as I saw this shade it reminded me immediately of Essie’s Flowerista, a good match on the cheap.




Sandstorm – a orange and holographic pink glitter in a clear base

I haven’t seen too many shades similar to this with the orange glitter and holographic glitter particles together but if I find one I will update this post.





Here are some of the shades swatched above! I have found it difficult to find the whole collection swatched, but if I find more images I will update this post.






Overall if I had to choose favourite shades, mine are Skinny Dippin’, Tribal Dance and Desert Rain. These 3 are by far my favourites, just so poppy and summery and would look excellent with a tan or to brighten your hands and nails this summer. I do have some similar shades in my stash but they are different tones of the shade so I may pick them up in future. I will check out the dupe level of these shades and make a decision. Usually Leighton Denny’s polish formulas are pretty good so it may be worth picking them up just for that.

I wasn’t keen on the Tiger Tamed shade, I don’t think I would get remotely enough wear out of if I chose to pick up the shade as it’s so vibrant! I like neons but I just don’t feel like I would get the use out of them enough to add to my stash. It’s a shame as the colour is lovely but on my skin it can just look a little wrong sometimes when you apply it on your hands, this tends to happen to me with lighter neon shades.

Queen of the Congo reminds me of certain shades I already have in my collection and Sandstorm is pretty much another shade which wouldn’t get enough wear and end up going gloopy and into the bin. I have similar polishes using the same kind of glitter as the Sandstorm shade and I don’t want to waste my money.

All in all, the collection for me is a bit of a mixed bag! It’s a shame as 3 of those shades are perfectly wearable and worth getting but the rest for me are passes. If I was going to pick up an entire collection I want to get the use out of all the shades! I would definately pick them up individually if you only want certain ones, I know I will be doing that!



The Leighton Denny Tribal Fever SS 16 Nail Collection is available now from LD BoutiqueNail Polish Direct and Amazon if you would like to pick up the collection.



What do you think of Leighton Denny’s Tribal Fever SS16 Nail Collection? Any favourite shades you plan on picking up? Do you know any dupes for shades?

Let me know what you think and share down below in the Comments.