Last Minute Homemade Christmas Gifts – Hand and Foot Scrubs



If you are on a tight budget or are struggling to come up with a last minute present idea then try making a homemade hand or foot scrub! Nothing is better than a special homemade gift to gift your nearest and dearest this Christmas, customisable to your recipients favourite scents and nail needs!

Most of what you might need to make these you will probably already have in your cupboards at home, so good when you are running short of time and resources.

These scrubs are a quick DIY gift, ideal for pampering someone special! A lovely gift to find under the Christmas tree!


If you have any of my natural nail oil alternatives (see my post here), these oils are perfect for these scrubs. Also the essential oils needed to fragrance the scrub are easily available from pharmacies and health food shops.

To make either the Foot or the Hand scrubs you will need:

• Granulated Sugar
• Either Coconut, Olive Oil or a Nourishing Nut Oil of your choice
• A small or medium sized kilner airtight jar depending on which scrub you decide to make
• Essential Oils i.e. Jasmine, Lavender, Rose Oil etc.
• Measuring cups for measuring
• A spoon to mix your scrub
• A label for the jar or gift tag
• A decorative ribbon



5 Steps to making your Scrub

Step 1Open your airtight jar and fill it ¾ full of granulated sugar. Obviously use more or less sugar depending on your container size.

Step 2Add a ¼ of a measuring cup of your chosen oil to your jar. I would go for more free flowing oils for a hand scrub and a thicker oil for a foot scrub.

Step 3Add your essential oil blend to fragrance your scrub. This is where you can experiment with scents and create a unique smelling hand or foot scrub.

If you know this person well you could tailor it to their favourite scent. Alternatively you could use a singular smell for a more concentrated scent i.e. Lemon, Coconut and Peppermint would be good for that.

Peppermint works well for a cooling foot scrub and Almond is lovely for a nourishing hand scrub if you are in need for some inspiration.

Ensure your chosen scrub oil and essential oil smell nice together to create its overall scent. Think how these component parts will work with one another before mixing together to make the scrub!

Add 4-5 drops of combined essential oil, this will be enough to fragrance the scrub.

Step 4 – Now mix your scrub with a spoon thoroughly. This will ensure the consistency of the scrub is correct.

A light grainy paste for the hand scrub is ideal and a thicker very grainy paste for the foot scrub. You may need to add more oil or sugar at this point to get the consistency right, if it is a little thin or thick.

Step 5 – Time to Decorate. Grab a label, a gift tag and ribbon and beautify the outside of your homemade gift! If you are low on funds use what you have to wrap gifts with.

Voila, your scrub is made, it’s that simple!




These will last a long time if you decide to make any and store ready for gifting. Try and ensure they are not stored in a too cold environment or the oil may solidify.

You may also need to consider any fresh ingredients you may use in the scrub or your scrub may go off. Do not worry about gifting as with a standard sugar, oil and essential oil formula they will last up to a year in your bathroom!




I hope you enjoy making these and you find this post helpful!

If you decide to make these, let me know and comment telling me how you got on!