January Favourites



It’s that time again, to delve into my favourite nail polish shades and nail care products that have graced my nails within the month of January. With another month gone, another flurry of polishes have been trialed, tested, re-painted, loved and lost! And with the theme of budget and drugstore nails, I had so much to choose from!

I had ended up using many of these shades on my hands and nails to give them all a proper test. With no expectations of longevity or how they would turn out, I was genuinely surprised by the results. Most of the polishes I tested were very good for the price point also so I felt I had to feature the ones I enjoyed the most in my January favourites! Most of these polishes I wore again after trialing so I know they are definately keepers! In future I will definitely try more budget and drugstore polishes, this month I feel I have been converted to these budget beauties!

I also enjoyed rediscovering polishes from my polish stash! Shopping my Stash is one of my new year nail resolutions. So in the process of this, I have rekindled my love affair with certain shades and they made the cut again and of course made it into my January Favourites!


Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer in Lilac Satinfaction


The first polish I picked to test out Catrice’s Ultimate Nail Lacquer range was the beauty that is Lilac Satinfaction, a very pale lilac satin cream with slight silver shimmer running through it. This shade is unique in my collection and a perfect pastel neutral. The first polish I tried this month in my new budget/drugstore polish trials, I was very surprised by this brand. The polish lasted well, with a good formula and was under €3, an absolute steal. I will definately be looking to Catrice for more budget polish beauties!


Flormar Jelly Look Nail Enamel in Sky Blue


Flormar’s Jelly Look Nail Enamel in Sky Blue is a beautiful baby blue shade with excellent gloss and the formula glides over the nail very easily. This polish formula is very pigmented and not at all streaky for a jelly. I enjoyed testing this shade as it wore well and brightened up my hands and nails. One of my favourite budget polishes this month! I had heard good things about Flormar’s polishes and they didn’t let me down, a brand I will definately be browsing more often now I know what to expect.


Essie Retro Revival Starry Starry Night


Essie’s Starry Starry Night, although was severely hyped up, I was still pleasantly surprised with! Essie is not known for their glitter polishes, more for their pale pastel creams and bright bold shades, but this I obviously had to pick up. I was sold on the idea of a starry night sky on the nails!

The jelly formula layered up looks beautiful and squishy and the glitter suspended in the formula, built up with each layer of polish added dimension to the look creating the so called ‘Starry Starry Night’. I have had this on a few times this month and each time I was complimented on my nails. Clearly this polish was worth the revival even if the polish wasn’t the same! I couldn’t compare it to the original, but I like this polish for it’s own unique attributes.


China Glaze – Come Rain or Shine


Of all the shades from China Glaze’s House of Colour Collection, this was by far my favourite! Come Rain or Shine – a bold bluey purple cream shot through with pink shimmer, is really gorgeous on the nails. It brightens the hands, even in the middle of January and is some what of a colour chameleon. I found in certain lights, it is a light almost cornflower blue, but in darker lights turns almost classic blue – which showcases the pink shimmer running through it. One of my favourites this month for my hands and toes nails, I will be sure to get this out more in 2016.


OPI Do You Have This Colour In Stock-Holm?


I love a really vibrant purple, and that’s what OPI’s Do You Have This Colour in Stock-Holm? is. It’s beautiful and one of my favourite purples in my collection. I dug this out while Shopping My Stash and was so glad I did! It is more of a blurple shade and I find it goes with anything! It applies very smoothly and is lovely and opaque with true to bottle shade in 2 coats of polish! I rediscovery I am glad I found again!


OPI Hello Kitty Collection – 5 Apples Tall


If you hadn’t gathered by now I love a bold red, they feature heavily in all my favourites! But this red I love! OPI’s 5 Apples Tall is a perfect primary school, almost plastic looking, Sanrio red! That is the best way to describe it! It’s almost a one coat wonder, with such good pigment and extreme high gloss! This was one of my favourites from the Hello Kitty Collection which I can see myself wearing time and time again. As soon as I saw it had to have it, it’s my kind of red – perfection!


There you have it guys! My favourite polishes from the month of January! I had to really pick and choose between all the different colours, as I had tried alot of polish this month. I am dreading next month’s February Favourites as there is so many beautiful polish collections, it’s going to be hard deciding!


What were you favourite polishes this month? Any polishes you think I would like and are worth trying? Let me know down in the Comments below. I would love to know what you think.