We have all been in situation where we have awkwardly broken a nail, be it out and about or at home. Even catching, pulling and snagging nail edges is bad enough, but partially breaking a nail, especially a longer a nail is just one of life’s pure annoyances. I am not a shallow enough person to believe breaking a nail is the end of the world, but it is rather irritating non the less.

Over the last few years, I have broken a few more nails than I care to remember, but after trying a few different methods I have managed to find a way which works to fix a partially broken nail.


I feel in recent times especially, as I am trying more nail products and polishes more often and blogging about nails, I am trying to take care and give extra TLC to them. Yet I am still afraid my nails will break, so I am generally keeping them shorter that I am used to. I am just glad I have found this technique to repair my nails if I am ever in the situation again. I felt I could share this tip with you incase you ever yourself break a nail but want to rescue your manicure.

This method of repair is not a miracle worker, it is for minor nail repairs, for minor catches and snags and partially broken nails. So if your nail is completely broken off, I would embrace the shorter nail and just let it go.

This method is best used as a temporary repair until the broken nail area grows out. This method works best when your nail is broken half way and not completely off.

This might be worth a try if it happens to you, but I cannot guarantee success for everyone. Still worth a go if you are desperate to keeping all your nails looking long and lovely! Or you have been trying to keep them long for a special occassion or just trying to grow them out.

To do a minor repair at home, you will need:

• Super Glue (try and use one in a smaller tube, making it easier to apply glue delicately to the nail)
• A medium coarse nail file (something which can be used on extensions or artificial nails)
• Cuticle oil (whatever your oil preference)
• A Nail strengthener – I use my Nails Inc Nailkale Superfood Basecoat but use your preference)

The 5 Steps to mend your broken nail:

Step 1: First apply super glue to the back inside of your nail, concentrate the glue on the break and turn the nail over and ensure the glue has seeped within the break. Be careful not to get glue on your skin!


Step 2: Add a tiny drop to the top of the nail on top of the break and edge of side break. Let it dry for about 10 minutes.

Step 3: Once the glue is dry, take your nail file and file any hard glue from the surface which has left clear bumps on the nail surface. This step will also help seal the glue. Wash and dry hands.


Step 4: Apply a coat of your chosen nail strengthener. I used my Nails Inc Nailkale Superfood Basecoat or even Nail Envy by OPI works wells. Use whichever formula works for you, this will help seal the break further and prevent future damage to the nail plate.


Step 5: Finish by topping the nails with your favourite cuticle oil and Voila – your nail is fixed!


I find after using this method my broken nail stays where it should for around 2 weeks, and the broken area grows out with time.

My best advice I can give post repair, is to be extra cautious with your broken nail, allowing time to let it grow out and continue to use strengthener on the nail in question.

Once the break area has grown out, cut down and file the nail and remove the break area to leave your stronger new nail in place.


I hope you found this post helpful and get you out of a nail fix! What are your best tips for repairing a broken nail?

Let me know in the comments.