Metallics shades are everywhere at the minute, some of my favourite new releases are metallic or chromatic colours. Yet one thing I have noticed when you do invest in a metallic shade is the struggle to get it applied correctly.Without the right nail canvas, lack of prep and a sloppy application can leave the nails looking worse and in real mess. In this post I am going to give you all my best tips and tricks to get the best gleaming metallic manicure!


Gleaming Metallic Manicure


Any statement metallic manicure is going to attract some attention, which is why cuticle care is extremely important. Ensure that you keep your nails clean and well-groomed for a chic manicured finish.

Like with any textured nail polishes, your prep work is extremely important. Nail polishes that have a iridescent or silvery pigment can make any ridges or imperfections very visible on your nail bed through the polish.


Try and apply metallic shades on nails which have had cuticle work done before hand.

Any minor imperfections or texture on the nail plate will show up more with this kind of polish, so give your nails a bit of TLC and perfect your manicure with this crucial first step.




Before you apply your polish, buff the nail plate to ensure a smooth, flat surface for your lacquer to adhere to.

If your nails have severe ridges which show up even with regular polish, try and buy a metallic polish which has some glitter particles within the formula. This will help hide any severe ridging and blur any serious nail surface imperfections. Alternatively you could apply a glitter top coat after your metallic shade to camouflage your nail issues.


After this point apply your chosen base coat and leave to dry. You can then go in with your chosen metallic shade. Depending on your desired finish, usually two coats is the perfect amount to create a radiant, shimmering metallic on your nails and get the best look.


Gleaming Metallic ManicureWith application is where you need to be cautious in this exercise. Metallic shades can look a little brush-strokey, so even application in one fluid direction is key.


Three strokes, one at either side and one in the centre of the nail, using thin and even strokes to build up colour. However, applying minimal strokes is best to ensure the overall best coverage.

Depending on your formula, consider applying three coats if the formula is slightly thinner. This will help stop you seeing your nail line through your polish and give full coverage. If you find your polish is getting a very brush strokes finish, try sponging on with a cosmetic sponge – applying polish to the sponge then lightly dabbing the nail to build up the coverage.

Top it off with a hardwearing top coat and you will be good to go, your manicure should last fairly well too. A glossy topcoat will protect your nails and show off whichever pretty metallic you have chosen.


Gleaming Metallic Manicure


In fact my most hard wearing nail polishes tend to be foil, metallic, duochrome and glitter shades. So if you are lazy with manicures, metallics are perfect for you! With a good polish you can get a good week out of a metallic manicure, no problem.

Plus if you top up your nails with top coat after the first few days, this can extend your manicure to a good 10 days! Obviously depending on how vigorous you are with your hands.

Voila! The metallic manicure is that simple!


Gleaming Metallic Manicure



Gleaming Metallic Manicure

If you need some metallic inspiration check out Part Four of my Nail Polish Fashion Forecast and my A/W 2015 Nail Polish Collection Shopping/ Wishlist, there are heaps of polishes to chose from in these posts of the metallic variety.

I plan to post my Metallic polish picks from the archives, my large and varied collection at some point, so keep an eye out for that.

Metallic shades are some of my favourites, and probably after you have done your metallic manicure, it will be yours too!



What are you favourite Gleaming Metallic Manicure Nail Polish shades? Any I need to check out? Any tips for applying metallic shades?

Let me know your thoughts and suggestions down below in the comments.